7th Street Shuffles – Ruby Tuesday Closing, to be Replaced by FroZenYo (and more) plus Jackpot Tavern (in addition to Lime Fresh) Coming to Chinatown

by Prince Of Petworth April 28, 2013 at 10:22 pm 24 Comments

726 7th Street, NW

Lots of changes coming to 7th Street in Chinatown. We knew the Potbelly was becoming a Lime Fresh but now a liquor license has been posted for a new Tavern coming to the basement of 726 7th St, NW:


Tavern serving light food with a seating capacity of 47 for patrons and total load of 160. Request an entertainment endorsement for occasional entertainment.

CityPaper reported:

“Iron Horse Taproom and Rocket Bar co-owners Curt Large and Geoff Dawson are opening a bar called Jackpot in the basement space below Lime Fresh (formerly Potbelly) at 726 7th St. NW.”

712 Seventh Street, NW

And Washington Business Journal reports just down the block that Ruby Tuesday has closed as of Sunday night:

Ruby Tuesday plans to close its doors at the end of service Sunday, making way for at least two new retailers to come into the space. Fast-growing self-serve yogurt chain FroZenYo will lease space there and open there by the third week of June.

WBJ also reports that a “a candy store and a fast-casual Asian joint” could take over the remaining spaces that formally made up Ruby Tuesday. Stay tuned.

  • Anonymous

    Putting a LimeFresh next to California Tortilla seems stupid.

  • Sammy

    Ding Dong the FroZenYo fad is dead. Bring on the next fad.

    I also agree with LimeFresh will be the next one on the chopping block within a year.

  • ugh, while I won’t miss Ruby Tuesdays, this strip is becoming total crap for food. How many varieties of fast food do we need? I don’t get it (and I’m not a hater, I just don’t see the need for THAT much fast food) I’m sort of psyched for shake shack, as long as the typical groups of kids who hang out in gallery place don’t overrun it.

    • JB

      I hate it, but I guess it makes sense considering all the teenagers and tourists that crowd the area.

    • Alan P.

      It’s economics. If there wasn’t a market for fast food in that area, they’d build elsewhere. Shake Shack *is* fast food, so it’s weird you’re “psyched” for that, but otherwise anti-fast food (despite the fact that Fuddrucker’s is around the corner?).

      ps: Those “Gallery Place kids” were born and raised in this city. If you don’t like them, maybe you should live in a different city?

      • nn

        “If you don’t like them, maybe you should live in a different city?”

        the thought that this even means anything is laughable.

      • Anonymous

        If there is nothing about the city/town you live in that you would like to change, you are way too complacent.

      • Anonymous

        Why can’t the kids hang out on a public street, exactly? It’s not my “scene” either, but they have at least as much right as you do to that area.

        • they don’t have a right to throw things at people, yell things at people, or commit petty crimes. I mean, I guess they do – especially in a city that won’t really punish them.

          • Anonymous

            This is a different problem all together.

      • um, because shake shack is actually GOOD. Fudruckers isn’t even on the same planet.
        That said, I’m not moving. How do you know where I was born or where my family is from?

        Of course it’s economics, it’s just bad consumerism – 90% of what’s opened there is just crap. I don’t understand that area’s development – but luckily 3 blocks away are some of the best restaurants anywhere, and those who aren’t interested will wait in line at Lime Fresh for their total crap while we get a seat at the bar at rasika. I’ll take it.

  • So “fast casual Asian joint” has to mean Shophouse right?

    • AK

      I assumed Pei Wei, which is coming to 18th Street in the old mattress store space. I’d be happy with either.

      • Cochrynn

        I would be SO HAPPY if this was a Pei Wei! I appreciate the more legit Asian restaurants around there but Pei Wei has lots of really good, healthy options that I find lacking at places like Jackey Cafe. Maybe they have them but I don’t know enough Chinese to order them. I would be at a Pei Wei all the time.

  • Kinda shocking about the Ruby Tuesday. I had never been in there, but the ~twice a month I would walk by it, it was always slammed with people. Maybe it was only during a game, but by all appearances it seemed to be doing gangbuster business.

    • The WBJ article says that most of the turnover is due to the strip being 10 years old, and most of the businesses being on 10 year leases that Douglas is now charging a much higher rent to renew.

      Fuddruckers and La Tasca have apparently signed new leases, but several of the other spots are weighing their options.

      Personally, I don’t mind the 7th Street block becoming (even more) fast food centric, as the dining options on 6th and 5th have been getting an upgrade in recent years (but are still out of most tourists’ range).

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see a Bon-Chon on this strip. I think it would do really well there. There was a rumour a while back they were going to open on H Street.

    There is one on 5th ave in NYC, so seems like they would have the cash to open in DC.

  • Anonymous

    I would not consider these changes an “upgrade”.

  • At the end of an internship in the summer of 2001, we all went to Chinatown to get food and celebrate. The interns were from all over the United States, here to soak up all the experiences they could get of Washington, and of all the restaurants in chinatown, we ended up at that damned Ruby Tuesday’s.
    Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday’s.

  • Anonymous

    Happy to see Ruby Tuesdays beat feet, but it was a pioneer back when that strip sucked. i personally would like to see more retail…stores that sell clothing. Loft and Urban Outfitters is just a start. The new Walgreens is a cool addition, but i want to shop for clothing w/o having to hike to metro center.

    • Anonymous

      Hike to Metro Center? From Gallery Place? Wow.

      • My thought, too. I’m just as guilty of it, though.

        “Eh, I don’t want to go all the way over to H St” or some such statement. Then I go somewhere else for a weekend and remember just how tiny DC really is. That being said…

        “Hike to Metro Center”?!?

        IT’S 4 F’ING BLOCKS!!!

  • Anonymous

    I do like me some turkey burger sliders and salad bar at RT – not ashamed to admit this. Ha ha. Sad to see them go but there are other locations…


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