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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth April 29, 2013 at 10:00 am 137 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Rukasu1

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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      Ok, that was weird. I went to post and it showed me logged in as jack5, so I did the test post above and it went through as him. I’m not jack5 and there is no way he could be logged in on my computer!

      • Anonymous

        or could he … ?

      • Log-Ins have been pretty weird on POP lately. It’s not exactly a secure site. Stop hacking my account though! :P

        • Anonymous

          I should have posted something scandalous while I had the chance. :(

    • Rant: I have no idea how this question mark happened.

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  • Anon

    Revel: The Jets cut Tebow!

  • Rant: Cell phone on the fritz… Conveniently as the newer model is being released.

    Rant: Touch of arthritis in hands and feet. I’m an old man, and beginning to feel it. It might just be carpal tunnel, but webmd is always so vague. I need to marry a masseuse.

    Rant: Too much complexity in my life right now. I really need to simplify things.

    • Irving Streete

      it’s those young girls, man, they’ll get you every time. ;)

      • Bah! They keep me young!

        I know a good masseuse that I’m considering to ask out on the next round. That will solve all of my old man problems!

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Felt really nauseous during a meeting this morning and was thinking I’d go home, but after the meeting I threw up and I’m feeling ok now. I guess I’ll stay. :(

    • Anonymous

      Throwing up at work is definitely a reason to go home! Glad you’re feeling better though. I’d still go home and chill out for the rest of the day, just in case.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but trudging 30 minutes home in the rain doesn’t sound much better. I’m going to sit tight and see how I’m feeling in an hour.

        • Can you or someone you work with run out and get you some ginger ale? The stuff does wonders. And I hate soda!

    • Remember back when we actually had paid sick leave? Back when you didn’t have to work through breaking your arm? :(

      A wise man told me “It’s your time, you earned it” and I’ve always stuck to that. It’s a contractual promise an employer makes and therefore I feel no guilt calling in when I have to. If you’re eligible for sick leave, of course…

      • Anonymous

        I do have paid sick leave, but it’s a macho environment where using sick leave is like a sign of weakness. :)

        • I dunno how to counter that exactly… I’ve worked in macho environments before but putting my personal health/life balance on hold for work has always been a regretful thing. The jobs we have these days take up most of our weekly time, they kill our individuality, and even hurt our families. Employers have cut work forces so much from the past that they make record profits while we do the work that 10 people used to do with the help of technology… If you’re a valuable asset to the organization, no one should bat an eye if you decide you want to use personal time in my opinion…

  • Rant: Got called poor by a 12 year old for having a flip phone.

    Rave: 6 years later, the phone still works just fine.

    • TG

      Yikes. I assume the 12 year old is gainfully employed himself.

    • Lemon

      And you’re not a target for robberies.

    • Haha, I have a flip phone too. I was using it at a bar one time and someone said “gee, pretty sure I saw that in a museum recently.” But I love my “turtle” phone! I can drop it a million times and it never breaks, the battery lasts for like a week, no one wants to punch me in the face and steal it, and it doesn’t make me a horrible person to personally interact with (ever tried to have a convo with a smartphone addict?). Flip phones foreva!

      • Anonymous

        I have the worst of both worlds, an old Blackberry. So there’s the temptation to do smartphone stuff but it’s so incredibly slow and the screen’s so tiny that I get a headache whenever I try to do anything besides calling and texting (plus no one makes apps for it and I can’t even get my google calendar to sync). And it’s probably still enticing for thieves.

        • Awww, yeah that is the worst. I am going to hold out on the smartphone front and see if my employer will provide one and the data plan so I don’t have to pay for it. Lawyers are expected to be on call outside of work hours so I’m going to be like “look, if you want me to check my e-mail on the go, you’re going to have to provide me with the tool to do it. And that tool should be a Samsung Galaxy. :D”

          • Anonymous

            Only 20 more days until I can upgrade!! I like the Galaxy but it’s so big; I have small hands and have trouble holding it. Should I just go with an iPhone? Would love suggestions from PoPville.

          • Anonymous

            I have regular sized hands, and have been happy with an iPhone for a while. I’m sure it will work out great for you.

          • AE

            I have the Nexus S – highly recommend

      • Anonymous

        I have one too. I don’t need a computer in my pocket, so no smart phone for me.

    • Anonymous

      haha, that made me smile. I very recently switched to the dark side (i.e. a smart phone) from a flip phone so I completely identify. :)

    • Britt

      I don’t even have a flip phone – I just have one of those brick phones (like the old nokia phones but skinnier). I love it – battery life and durability and no one wants to steal it!

      • Ha – I just upgraded from my 9 year old Nokia ($15.00) to a flip phone (19.00). Love that it is tiny, efficient and long battery.

    • Anonymous

      Related comment: I just joined Twitter. Felt like maybe I was missing something, but now that I’m in I don’t think I was.

      • sv

        After a year or two of using Twitter (mostly to follow, not to tweet), I have to agree. I do follow WMATA though, to quickly check for any bus and train delays before I set out on my morning or afternoon commute. But other than that, meh.

        • Anonymous

          I was already following a lot of local businesses and such on Facebook, and I think most of them repost the same content on Twitter, so yeah… not sure how this fits in to my patchwork of social networks.

      • L

        I think Twitter is helpful for work. I use it as an RSS feed of articles I may find useful or interesting for my field. Of course, this requires finding and following people you may find useful or interesting for your field.

    • anon

      I have a flip phone too. I desperately need a new one, but all the new flip phones get horrible ratings for call quality, which is all I care about. I don’t want to upgrade and have to spend a ton a month for a data package I don’t need or want. Sigh.

      • Anonymous

        You could go with Boost smartphone and get unlimited data, voice and texting, and no contract. Mine is cheap, they have a plan than cuts $5 off your plan for every six months of something that you pay on time, I am down to $45 a month. It’s a Droid, but hey.

    • blithe

      Related Rave: I still have my Red Motorola Krzr — fingers crossed that it lasts forever! I love this phone. It does everything I want it to — and fits in my pocket.

      Related LOL: That reminds me of the time when I told a 6 year old that I didn’t have a TV. He got really quiet, then said, obviously concerned for my well-being: :”Do you have CHAIRS?” It was very hard to convince him that I was TV-less by choice.

      Rave: Rainy weather — which means less pollen and less construction noise.

      • Annsy

        Haha well thank goodness you have CHAIRS!

    • Anonima

      In Japan all the kids have these: http://www.theverge.com/2013/1/15/3878278/why-fujitsus-infidelity-phone-remains-the-top-choice-for-japanese I’ve even seen smart flip phones with screens that invert so they become mini-computers and they’re made in brilliant colors and materials. I tried to buy one when I was there but they won’t sell it without the plan. :(

  • TG

    I have seen this several times and am wondering what others think. Pedestrian is in cross walk on one side of the street. Car does not yield and safely passes on other side of the street coming no where near the pedestrian. Pedestrian becomes irate and curses at driver of car. I realize this might be a technical violation but I am most curious about the reaction of the furious pedestrian that did not even have to alter their gait and was in no danger whatsoever.

    • Just an example of how edgy people get around here when dealing with cars/bikes/pedestrians. Seems like everyone has a hair trigger for rage against anyone else perceived to be in their way. This is one of the reasons I am happy to be leaving DC – too many self-important hotheads!

    • Anonymous

      Ped is wasting his/her breath but the car should have stopped. Worked out fine this time but rules are there so people don’t have to make judgement calls, and accidents happen when people make judgement calls rather than follow the rules. That’s my opinion.

      • ah

        +1. The rule that the driver has to wait for pedestrians to get all the way to the other side doesn’t work really well in DC with some of the extremely wide roads. Crossing Penn Ave. or Constitution etc. usually take almost the full walk cycle at a reasonable pace, meaning that any cars turning can’t ever make the turn if there are peds.

        So it’s just not practical given the current arrangements not to go once the ped has gotten clear or before he gets to that side of the street.

    • Matt

      I think that pedestrian, and frankly pretty much everyone in the city that is at the tip of the needle ready to freak out at the latest afront to their humantiy, and insult of their mother needs to learn to search for the joy and light in their lives. Life is so colorful and bright when you make room for positivity.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      1. The pedestrain needs to calm the heck down. Still, he may be transferring a general frustration about cars not stopping at an x-walk, or his anger at the other car you mentioned.

      2. Whether to stop in that situation is a judgment call, and one I’ve made the way you describe on occasion. Still, the better and safer practice is to stop since 1) not everybody has good judgment and 2) if people stop more regularly, it will help normalize stopping for pedestrians. In this particular case, you stopping may have encouraged the cars in the other lanes to stop, too.

      3. If you had gone through and were well away from the pedestrian, how could he curse you out?

    • TG

      Happily I was just an innocent bystander. It was an old lady Ped and she was full of rage. I had it happen to me though where the guy literally just stepped into the cross walk and I was a good 25 feet away from him. Also, I had no stop sign so rather than wait for me to pass, he decides to enter the crosswalk and get all salty.

    • I had something similar happen to me on Saturday morning, except I was already halfway into the crosswalk, the car was SPEEDING to make the light, and there was a damn “yield to pedestrian” sign right in the middle of the street (where I was). So yeah, I yelled and flipped him off, except he was already so far gone that I’m sure he didn’t even see me.

  • Rant: This weather is making me want to crawl back into bed for the rest of the day.

    Rave: Took a fantastic two hour nap yesterday afternoon.

    • Anonymous

      you’re still in bed? it’s 10:15

      • Anon

        “crawl back into…” As in they are currently out of bed.

        • Anonymous

          is this the “price point” guy?

      • Nope, I’ve been at work since 8:30. Sadly.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: ugh, cramps.
    Rant: I’ll be traveling for work all week. Really wish I could just stay home in bed :-(
    Rave: At least I had a great weekend

  • k8buggz

    Rave/rant: met an interesting, attractive, funny man yesterday. But he doesn’t live anywhere close to here (which is probably why he was interesting and funny).

    Rant: my 5-year old laptop is about to surrender to the technology demons, so I guess it’s time to break down and get a new one. I’m tempted to get a convertible laptop/tablet, but don’t really feel like putting in the effort to research. Anyone have any recommendations? I’d like to stay under $1,000 and don’t need/want anything super fancy (nor do I want a mac).

    • My friend got one of the Lenovo convertible ones recently and is obsessed. I worry a little about how they would hold up in the long run, but my own dinosaur of a laptop is about to kick it and I think that would be my choice at present!

  • Britt

    Rave: Had an incredible weekend in Kentucky – thanks for the tips PoPville! Gorgeous countryside, incredible event (Rolex 3Day), really kind people, good food, just all around an awesome time.

    Rant/Rave: Saw thousands of horses and didn’t get to ride one! Back to the barn tonight!

    Rant: Wedding this weekend is 8 hour drive away – 4 hours from nearest airport. So we’re driving 8 hours, spending a day there, driving 8 hours back. Ugh.

    Rave: Hawaii next week! Saving up PTO for awesome trips during the doldrums between MLK Day and Memorial Day feels pretty damn good now.

    • glad you had a good time in Lex. My envy is mitigated by the fact that I got to ride a new horse on Saturday AND meet a 12 hour old foal. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that brand new – and it was adorable.

  • hubby and I took were riding the bus with my parents back from the botanical garden to archives on Sunday. The bus which we were taking was re-routed thanks to the nike marathon still having streets blocked at 3 pm. Anyway, we were the only ones on the bus when I noticed a suitcase sitting in the seat behind me. We immediately moved to the front and asked to be let off (we were on 14th due to the re-routing). The bus driver did not seem overly alarmed to have a random suitcase on her bus nor did she seem to know what to do…

    • Anonymous

      I suppose you could have reported the issue to metro police at the time. It might still be worth reporting the occurrence (and, specifically, the bus driver’s response) to metro now.

      • Anonymous

        I shoud add…I had almost the same experience on Amtrak a couple of years ago. The conducter said, “Oh, he’s probably just in the dining car, or something.”

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Bottomless mimosa brunches. Wrecked my Sunday and I am really struggling today too. Ugh.

  • Annonnys

    Rant: One of my email accounts was hacked from Albania

    I changed the password, secret questions, made a sign in seal for this and my other email accounts.

    Real Rant++: Paid my IRS bill TWICE – I started to do an automatic debit but then stopped without completing – or so I thought. I didn’t get a confirmation of payment nor was the amount debited from my bank. I sent a check only to see a few days later that the debit went through and the check was cashed. Called the IRS and they said I’d have to wait for my return to be processed and then they’d send me a check for the overpayment. Wait time = a few weeks. RANT RANT RANT

  • Rant: My cat talks too much when my eyes are closed.

    Rave: I made the best chicken with lemon & green olives yesterday and have leftovers for lunch. Can’t wait to dig in.

    Rave: Rain washing pollen away.

  • Meg

    Rant: Cyclists, for the love of god, please use proper lights on days like today. No headlights, really tiny back lights…as a driver, I can’t see you if I’m looking in my side mirrors. I don’t want to hit you when I’m changing lanes!

    • Anonymous

      Good reminder why I don’t bike on days like today. Confirmation drivers have as much trouble with visibility in these conditions as I suspected.

    • Also ride predictably. Cars can see you a lot better when you’re right in front of them as opposed to weaving between them.

  • Moon

    Rant: A friend’s car was hit by a DC police car, the policeman was not paying attention and turned into her, even as she tried to avoid him. Now she finds out according to her insurnace company, she has to pay the $1000 deductable, the police has immunity. To add insult to injury the policeman that was in the car when the accident occured did the accident report. Don’t seem right.

    • Anonymous

      No, that definitely does not.

    • They do not have immunity. A friend lost her daughter to a cop on duty – and he was just arraigned.
      I would talk to your council-person.
      Ethically – it would make perfect sense that the cop involved in the accident can not be the officer responsible for completing the report. If the officer discharged her/his weapon would he/she also do the investigation? I’d fight this if I were you.

      • By “immunity” it sounds as though what she means to say is that under her insurance policy she can’t keep her deductible for accidents with police vehicles.

        • Moon

          According to Geico, she has to come up with the $1000 deductable, the police department will not be responsible for any of the cost associated with fixing her car. It is all on her.

          • That’s what sucks about contracts. It sounds like this is an issue with her insurance company and her policy.

          • Anonymous

            Geico is a decent insurance company as long as you’re never in an accident (at-fault or not).

    • I think I remember something about DC being a no-fault insurance jurisdiction, so any accident you’re in, you pay for your car and the other person pays for theirs, no matter who is at fault. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

      • Anonymous

        Not true. I was in an accident last year, and it was the other driver’s fault. She refused to take responsibility and claimed it was my fault. I ended up getting my car fixed (and paying my deductible), while in the meantime, my insurance company (State Farm) went through arbitration with her insurance (USAA). The arbitrators found for me (ie, the accident was her fault), and USAA sent me a check for my deductible.

    • Anonymous

      Cop sitting in the parking lot of our church daycare decided he needed to peel out and crashed into the playground fence, splintering it – from a standstill. Took awhile to get the insurance money (the replacement fence was metal and a lot better.) Not very confident in the driving abilities of DC police honestly.

  • Rave: Great bootcamp with my buddy yesterday
    Rave: Great post-bootcamp brunch (
    Rave: Got lots done yesterday afternoon.
    Rant: Funeral family drama is in full effect – hopefully work will take me out of the country and I can have a good excuse to miss it.

    • Great Bootcamp = Sore Muscles.

    • What boot camp do you go to? My Groupon is about to expire for a month-long boot camp, and I’m looking for something a little more budget-friendly!

      • Hispanic and Proud do our own bootcamp, alternating as coaches.
        Find a friend – there is no reason to pay for outdoor bootcamp with no/little equipment.

  • Rave: My photo project keep on going; and having the opportunity to share it with the world :P in a small gallery. For those interested http://portraitsofimmigrantsbypablo.tumblr.com/
    Rave: Fantastic sports photography experience with the Roller Derby, very intense action!
    Rant: I need to take better care of myself, I’m starting to eat more (yes, I have that kind of metabolism) but can’t motivate myself to start exercising.

    • Took a quick peak at the portraits, they look great! Looking forward to a more leisurely perusal.

    • MPinDC

      Wonderful stories and photos Pablo!

    • Thanks! I usually add a new one on Mondays, so keep checking! :)

  • Rant: Getting into my car this morning and noticing that the glove box was open. Somehow I had left my car unlocked and someone ransacked it. Stupid me!

    Rave: Nothing taken since I don’t leave anything in my car. In fact, I never bothered to replaced my radio when it was stolen a couple of years ago.

    • Anonymous

      Same thing happened to me. (And nothing taken since I don’t keep anything valuable in it). I thought, “That’s weird, I’m always so careful to lock my doors. OCD about it, even.” Turned out a couple of my neighbors cars were ransacked that night, too, who were sure they had locked up, as well. So maybe you didn’t forget to lock it, and somebody forced the lock.

      • INteresting. This was on 13th St.

        • Anonymous

          Same area, although this was a while back.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Took 2nd in an 8k this weekend. Sure there were only like 30 people, but I’ll take it

    Rave: Bluegrass festival was awesome

    Rant: Don’t think I met anomina at the Bluegrass festival, and that flask of whiskey really put me over the edge haha. (we did give a ride home to 2 strangers, so maybe anomina was one of them)

    Rant/Rave?: Don’t have much new drama for emmaleigh on the lady front

    Rant: Popville’s trouble getting an account right now

    • bollix. I suppose you could just make something up ;)

      • Anonymous

        well, I’m seeing girl #1 on Tuesday and g#2 on Wednesday, so you might need to be patient

    • anonima

      rant: did not meet you at bluegrass festival! I do not take rides home from strangers though, no matter how internet witty/cute they are :)
      rave: festival was still fantastic nonetheless
      related: could have used that extra whiskey!

      looks like you got a busy week planned, so maybe the non meeting was for the best? Emmaleigh can be the judge of that…

    • Are you the person in the dating threesome?

      • Anonymous

        I am that gentleman with the dating threesome.

        Working on getting a handle, but PoP is doing some back end work.

        • Anonymous

          Details please. lol.

          I didn’t stop to think that there were any other poly/open relationship folks on PoP’ville. There’s probably more than we probably realize.

          • anon

            I don’t think “threesome” guy is poly — from what he was saying last week, he’s seeing two different girls and has a third who’s interested in him.

            I think his handle should be Guy With Three Girls. Or maybe Embarrassment of Riches.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for clearing that up anon, you are correct.

            And I’m diggin the handle suggestions

        • Prince Of Petworth

          We hope to relaunch the site around Memorial Day Weekend to fix a bunch of errors (including user name errors) folks have been experiencing. We also will fix the neighborhood/tagging glitches others have been experiencing. Thanks!

        • Anonymous

          i wish i was poly, but my gal just aint interested.

          • Anonymous

            Poly is a headache (having to deal with one other person’s emotions is enough for me, thankyouverymuch). But me & my partner have an open relationship and it is ‘da jam.

          • Poly for you, for her, or for both? Not being judgy – whatever you’re both ok with is up to you – just curious.

  • Rant: Gray Monday at stupid job.

    Rave: Great weekend with new dude!

    Rave: Today is Duke Ellington’s birthday. One of DC’s finest!

    • Anonymous

      It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!

      • c. brown

        it don’t mean a thing if it aint got that go-go swing.

  • ….potential job lead…HR called me. I’ve interviewed there before. Large pay cut, but 10 minute walk from home.
    I haven’t mentioned I’m pregnant. I’ve told them that my family circumstances have changed, so my priority isn’t necessarily salary (which is true) but ability to deal with the family situation and also have a job where I can be independent and trusted to handle my tasks. The HR lady is wonderful, but wondering if I should just come clean. I figured if they make me an offer, I could tell them. But that seems like lying.

    • Don’t tell them. You’re under no obligation to do so, morally or otherwise. Just don’t expect to be covered by FMLA for the maternity leave, however; I would read their family leave policy very carefully.

      • yeah, I know…but it just feelsl ike lying. I have a great set up here for leave – I have over 20 weeks of leave stored for maternity purposes, and in January I get a tiny step increase (my first “raise” in 3 years!), so while I’m on “maternity leave”, I’ll get that. I originally thought I’d just spent a good chunk of my maternity leave applying for jobs.
        This offer is a good spot to be, but I think I would be selling myself short with a $25,000 pay cut. That’s pretty significant. I could probably handle 10-15k if it were as convenient as this place is. But $25,000 is a boat load.

        Still trying to figure out game plan for getting my job here to agree to part time. I doubt that’ll happen. But you never know, stranger things have happened and anything they can do to save a buck!

        • Anonymous

          $25k paycut? Yikes. I’d only do that if it were a dream job or I was certain it would soon lead to that dream job. Well ok, or if my current job was complete hell and I needed to get out of there ASAP.

          • yeah…I’m wondering if this is the type of job that can be leverage to try to negotiate with THIS job. However, I don’t think they care enough about me to negotiate. So I could bite myself in the ass with that.

          • Anonymous

            Well, they say the tipping point for happiness is a $50-75k annual salary (probably on the higher end for an expensive city like DC). I’m close to $75k, myself, and I can honestly say I don’t feel a burning desire to make more money. What I have is enough for good housing and food, pets, a car, hobbies, the occasional night out, a couple vacations a year, an emergency savings account, and 10% into retirement. Not sure how much a kid throws off those figures, though.

          • Anonymous

            @12:46- you might not have a burning desire to earn more money, but would you really want to go back down to $50K? Especially if it were the same line of work as you’re doing now?

          • Anonymous

            No, but I was envisioning a scenario where she was making $100k and had to drop to $75k. I think it depends a lot on where she is currently.

      • Tell them. If they’re weird about it, that’s very useful information (i.e., you may not want to work there), and if it’s somewhere you want to stay the relationships and perceptions are more important than whether you have a legal right not to mention it (as is so often the case when thinking about legal rights). I think you’re right to have the instinct that if your new boss’s reaction is “yeah, she sandbagged us, but I guess we can’t fire her or we’ll get sued,” that’s not going to be a great long-term relationship for either of you.

        • Well, I haven’t had an interview – I interviewed for this position previously and they assumed I wouldn’t be interested because of the pay cut (at that time, probably a good guess).
          I don’t think it’s an issue yet to bring up….maybe if they say they want an interview? I’m not showing really, just look fat(ter).
          It’s confusing. One issue is that, while I’m not terribly happy at my job…it’s a known entity. That should count for something during a time of significant change, right? It might be a better time/situation to focus on changing jobs once baby is here and healthy. But it’s very confusing. This might not be the best time to make any decisions in case they are based purely on emotions.

          • Annononon

            I’d say stay where you are for now – you’ll have maternity leave, you can try to go part time….and 25K is a huge salary cut (unless you’re making a bazillion dollars in which case you wouldn’t notice the change). Keep in mind that any future employers will use your lower salary as a basis for determining what they would pay.

    • Thanks, everyone – I’m definitely in the “more money doesn’t always mean happiness” camp…but you’re right – $25,000 is a huge cut. I am a GS 12, haven’t gotten a raise in a number of years and am sort of burnt out. But I have worked hard to earn the leave numbers I have (as in, no vacations…YAY for me! no, not really). I’m tired of where I am, but I also know the value of “the known” and the fact that I’ll have a PAID leave because of my scrimping on taking vacation/sick days.

      It will be interesting if I am allowed to pick up a compressed work schedule or come back part time, but I won’t hold my breath. I wanted to shift my schedule to 8-4:30 (instead of 8:30-5) and wasn’t allowed to. It’s not a very family-friendly environment (contrary to what OPM tells you, I really don’t think the government is – the fact that it is office and even supervisor dependent illustrates that government as a whole isn’t).

      • Anonymous

        or you could stay home for a year and be my SAHM buddy! ;-)

        • I could! But then I’d get foreclosed on and that definitely wouldn’t be great.

      • anon

        my agency is very life-friendly. I don’t say family friendly just because it doesn’t matter if you have a family or not. Need to leave at quitting time to get to your Pilates class, great, do it. Have elder care issues and need to go part time for a while or need to take a leave of absense for a few months, you can do that too. Shifting schedules to early/late to deal with childcare issues, sure. As long as you get your work done, you’re fine. Sure, every now and again stuff comes up where you just need to be there (or working from home), and the person with the Pilates class will have to stay over the person with the kid pick up. But over all pretty life friendly. Granted, I also work 60-70 hour weeks when necessary. But they know when it is really necessary, and when it is just make work to look busy.

    • $50k is DEF not the tipping point for happiness. It’s almost poverty in an expensive town like DC.

      • Anonymous

        yeah, I thought it was 300k/year for a married couple in dc.

      • I don’t know…my first job here, I earned $32k a year and I was pretty happy – loved my job, etc. I earn significantly more now, 8 years later….but I still can’t afford to replace our old and unsafe-for-a-child car, can’t afford a vacation I’d actually really like to take, and probably won’t be putting much away in savings once the $2k a month in childcare expenses start.
        That’s the bigger crime in DC. How is it that two people doing well, who live in a modest condominium still have to struggle to find affordable and safe child care? It’s so weird to me.

  • rave: alpaca at work today. he was so sweet!
    rant: friend who always finds a way to reference her wedding in anything any of her bridesmaids post on facebook. i’m happy that she is getting married, but i get it already.

    • Blithe

      What do you do that you get paid for petting an alpaca? Wow! :-)

      • Anonymous

        maybe he/she meant “Al Pacino”? auto-correct? :)

      • we had an owl and bearded dragon too, but the alpaca was the cutest! let’s just say i work at an animal, nature and entertainment focused tv network :)

        • My alternative career plan is to become a referee for the Puppy Bowl.

        • observant

          I saw pictures of said Alpaca on Facebook. I know where you work!

  • Rave: Actually busy today!
    Rant: So busy that no real quality time for PoP.
    Rave: Great weekend! Line dancing, relaxing, Nats game and a concert.
    Rave: Making homemade coconut cake tonight. Mmmmm…

  • Anon for this

    Rant: I need a new job. I enjoy the people I work with. The work itself is not bad. But it is just a really bad fit for me.

    Took me almost a year to find this job. I am not sure I can do this for another year.

  • Rant: Lost my wallet including my license on Friday, have a flight on Wednesday and need a new license tomorrow to get on it, does anyone know if I have to go to the Brentwood location or if I can get a replacement at the C street location? The DMV website keeps crashing so it is hard to get the information I need. Anyone have tips for which is the best/fastest location now that Georgetown is closed?

    • I recommend the Southwest service center, if you can go tomorrow. They are closed Mondays, but open at 8:30am on Tuesdays (get in line early and you’ll be out quick.)

      Southwest Service Center Address
      95 M St., SW Washington DC 20024
      Southwest Service Center Hours
      Tuesday: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
      Wednesday: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
      Thursday: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
      Friday: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
      Saturday: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

      Phone #: (202) 737-4404

      To apply in person, follow the instructions below:

      Locate the Washington DC DMV office service location. Be sure to note the days and hours of operation.
      Download, complete and bring the Driver’s License and Voter’s Registration form.
      Bring proper identification. The state of Washington DC requires that you present proof of identity, Social Security number and residence (if it has changed).
      Bring the correct fee. There is a $7 fee for replacing a lost or stolen license. Cash, checks or credit cards (American Express is not accepted) are the only forms of payment accepted. Please contact your local DMV office to confirm the fee before applying in person, since fees may vary.

    • georgetowner

      If you’ve got a passport, you can use that if you can’t get a new driver’s license fast enough.

    • anon

      check out the new Rhode Island Ave center. Nobody remebers that it is open, so it’ll probably be pretty empty. Or as empty as a DMV gets.


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