Build Out Begins on Lime Fresh Mexican Grill Taking Over Former Potbelly Space in Chinatown

by Prince Of Petworth — February 26, 2013 at 10:30 am 10 Comments

726 7th Street, NW

A few folks have written and tweeted asking who is moving into the former Potbelly space at 726 7th St, NW in Chinatown. This will be the Lime Fresh Mexican Grill we heard about in Sept. 2012. They should be open “mid-2013”. You can see their menu here. We judged the Lime Fresh Columbia Heights location here.

  • Matt

    Welcome to Lime Fresh, where we not only discurage substitutions, but charge you for it too. What a silly group of people.

  • gloomingdale


  • Anonymous

    This place has no redeeming qualities. None.

  • Anonymous

    Genius business model this company has… Let’s place a store next to a California Tortilla and across the street from a Chipotle…

  • Anonymous

    It’s only a matter of time before the Lime closes and becomes a Sweetgreen.

  • Ben

    The one in Clarendon already closed. Hopefully this one is doomed as well.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure what the point of this chain is. No one likes it and I wish it would stop trying to locate everywhere. We already have chipotle, california tortilla and others. Here’s to hoping it closes within a year so we can get something better.

  • Anonymous

    I was amazed how bad my burrito was from here. Like a college kid who rolled out of bed, tossed some cheez whiz on an old tortilla and called it lunch. They say it’s popular in the south and owned by Applebee’s. Maybe they misread their demographic or something. It’s always empty in Columbia Heights and built with a huge expectation for crowds.

    • Anonymous

      no wonder it’s horrible, it’s owned by the APPLEBEES people. Applebees is the worst brand restaurant in the country

  • That Guy in DC

    I don’t get it. Is California Tortilla going to get pushed out? While the food is so, so, those people are great! While I didn’t have a horrible time/meal at Lime in CH when I tried it recently, I’ll be walking by it to hit California Tortilla whenever I need a cheap Mex fix in Chinatown (besides, of course, when I need my Chipotle pig-out).


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