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Bruce Monroe Park to Get $200,000 for Improvements

by Prince Of Petworth April 28, 2013 at 10:05 pm 10 Comments


From Council Member Jim Graham:

Dear Friends: We have good news for the Park at Georgia Ave and Irving. Mayor Gray has decided to direct $200,000 this year for needed in improvements at the park. I had made this one of my top funding priorities requested of the administration, but obviously it could not have happened without the Mayor’s enthusiastic support. Thanks also to the fine work of our Georgia Avenue stakeholders, including the Collective, the business association and Sylvia Robinson.

Please use this link to have the details and letter confirming this funding.

  • Ward One Resident

    This park was built for $2M in 2010 and now it’s getting an additional $200K? I can think of a lot of city parks that could use a fraction of $200K to make improvements but good for the folks of Ga. Ave who worked hard to get this funding (at least the CM gave them some credit).

  • JL_CoHi

    Didn’t this used to be a school? Wasn’t it supposed to be rebuilt as another school?

  • home owner

    I think the parcel should be sold to the highest bidder and allowed to be developed commercially. It’s prime real estate and could go so far for helping Georgia Ave meet its full potential.

    If we want a park in the area, we should open up the Old Soldier’s Home or the golf course – not to mention that Banneker is just down the street a couple blocks!

    • Anonymous

      Oh for Gods sake… all the negative comments are ridiculous. First, this park is widely used and there is no alternative recreation facility for many blocks north of here. Second, there’s all kinds of condos and apartments being built on Ga Ave – we can live with one small area being devoted to recreation. Third, the Old Solider’s Home is a non-starter for public use.

      • JS

        Uh, if you go “many” blocks north of here you’ll be right next to the Park View Rec center which has many amenities (kiddie pool, exercise equipment) that this place does not. There’s also Tubman field and the Petworth Rec Center to the north, and Banneker is a few short blocks to the south. The idea that this park is some kind of oasis in an area underserved by parks is absurd.

  • Anonymous

    Two new water fountains and some shade for $200k. There’s one fountain at the Ledroit park, and its been busted for a year. How about a little money to fix it? shouldn’t cost the city more that $100k i bet.

  • Johnny

    my understanding was this was a temporary park that will, in the near future, be developed. Why are we pouring so much money into it?

  • Anonymous

    Over the past few years, this park has become an increasingly important part of the neighborhood. This area of the city has a high population density and very little green space. This park is packed with families playing with children on playground equipment, flying kites, and playing ball. There is also a large, well maintained community garden.

    My understanding is that when they do develop the land, they will probably develop the part that is along Georgia Avenue and leave the other part as a park, so it seems like a win-win for the community.

  • oldhouselover

    oh man, I live across the street and it took me a long time to recognize the park from that picture. That green grass has long since gone to dust. Rejuvenating the grass in some places (and better yet, installing an artificial playing surface) would go a long way towards making this park more appealing.

  • Anonymous

    This park gets a ton of kids (many young kids with no parents in evidence when we go there) but it too hot in summer, it seriously needs more shade trees, hope they are budgeting some tree care & watering money.


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