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  • Anonymous

    Hopefully taken down for good and not just to get the mispelling corrected

  • Prince Of Petworth

    DCRA tweets:

    “We issued a citation to the prop owner for installing an electrical sign w/o the required electrical permit.”

  • Anonymous

    Additionally, I think there were issues related to having the right license. On 2/27 Muriel Bowser wrote the following:
    “Neighbors- I have been in contact with the Director of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA). DCRA has not received an application for a pawn broker’s license at 3714 14th St, NW. Once an application is submitted, DCRA must give notice to the affected ANC.

    If the shop opens without a license, DCRA can force them to come into compliance, as they do not have the authority to shut a business down. I will continue to work with you, the ANC Commissioners and DCRA to ensure the application and enforcement process is followed closely.”

  • Anonymous

    I’d be more than happy to see this place never open. Was super sad to see that Utopia Nails had closed though. I was just in there last Thursday and when I walked by this past Tuesday everything was gone. :(

    • lrds

      Oh no! I saw all the newspaper up, but that’s too bad. They were never terribly busy but I thought they had a steady stream of customers. I wonder when the nail salon a few blocks south will open up,.

  • Anonymous

    speaking of that block, I thought I saw a “for lease” sign up on the spot at the end of the block. I had though that was going to become a restaurant or bar.

  • Anonymous

    The PIVS DRCRA database shows a pawnbroker C&O approved on 1/22 and permit for construction of new sign on 2/25. They also have a permit for some interior work….

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they’ve changed their mind and have decided to instead open a free-range wine shop that sells kites out of the back room.


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