• Finally! This is one of my favorite Liquor Stores in DC.

    • jcm

      Me too. I have shifted most of my liquor purchasing to them. I’m a big fan.

  • Anonymous

    I noticed last night that they still have Hopslam in stock, in case anyone is still looking for it…

    • JS

      Not cool to out the secret stash man, not cool at all.

      • Itchy Mitch

        Shh, don’t tell anyone that they are selling a hoppy beer that is best consumed as soon as possible after it’s bottled in January (and, while I like hoppy beers myself, overrated). And yes, I still have one Hopslam left in the fridge but I’m willing to bet it kind of sucks now… side note, Lion’s has much improved from the old days but many times they have had old beer for sale because they don’t sell through it quick enough. As for liquor, I can’t wait until D’Vines gets into that game.

  • AR

    Oh happy day!

  • Grand Funk

    Best stocked and very friendly liquor store. Extremely well kept and I am happy to travel to make my purchases here!

  • Do they have a parking lot?

    • no parking lot, but never have had an issue finding close street parking

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone notice that once they opened up the other liqour store on park and 11th they removed their protective plastic barrier.

    • Anonymous

      I mean GA Ave. by the Bank of America. Sorry long day


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