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Kabob Doner (and more) Coming to former Shawarma Spot Space in Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth — March 24, 2013 at 10:22 pm 11 Comments

2418 18th Street, NW

Back in mid-January we learned that Shawarma Spot had been closed “For Its Protection” at 2418 18th Street, NW.  Shawarma Spot originally opened back in the Adams Morgan shawarma craze of ’09.  Stay tuned for Kabob Doner coming soon.

Ed. Note: There is a Doner Bistro located nearby at 1654 Columbia Rd, NW. 1654 Columbia Rd, NW was formerly home to Sharama King. So it looks like the Shawarma rivalry between these two storefronts will soon switch to a Doner rivalry.


  • Anonymous

    More of the same, I’d guess.

  • I welcome a donor rivalry.

    • I welcome a donor rivalry (to literacy charities), but I really also welcome a doner kabob rivalry.

  • Closed “for its protection”? What does that even mean?

  • Just, why? Doner bistro is great and Amsterdam is right around the corner.

  • Anonymous

    Are we talking ACTUAL doner kabobs? On the crusty bread? Because that would be awesome. I don’t need any more falafel or gyros, thanks.

    • Doner Bistro serves what you would get in Europe. It is wonderful.

      • Identified

        Döner Bistro definitely serves a good döner. Their schnitzel sammich is pretty good – the bread is lovely – light and propely chewy. Having tried the currywurst yet… looking forward to it.

        • The currywurst is really really good. Much better than I had in Berlin actually. I’m glad I gave it a second try. Damn now I want currywurst.

  • Anonymous

    The end of the falafel craze and beginning of the Doner craze! Tesekkuler and vielen dank!

  • Anonymous

    Like a REAL doner kebob? I was thinking of opening my own place for years…


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