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Sneak Peek of Tash House of Kabob (and Nooshi Sushi) Coming to Barracks Row

by Prince Of Petworth January 15, 2013 at 11:32 pm 11 Comments

524 8th Street, SE

Back in October 2010 we first learned that Nooshi Sushi and Tash House of Kabob would be coming to 524 8th Street, SE (previously home to Chateaux Animaux.) I was walking by last weekend checking out the new paint job when I noticed the front door was open so I was able to take a peek inside. The owners tell me that they should be open in about a week. Tash House of Kabob will be located on the first floor and Nooshi Sushi on the second floor. I only got a peek of the first floor but you can tell it’s gonna be pretty sweet:

  • Anonymous

    It looks great. I hope the food is good and that they buck the trend in DC these days of restaurants spending 99% of their resources on fancy interior design and high-end finishes, while neglecting the quality of food and service altogether.

  • Thanks for posting this! I’ve tried to peek in a few times but I guess I’m not as bold as you are. Can’t wait to try it.

  • anon


  • Obsessed with that wall. Any info on where they got the tiles?

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s just wallpaper.

  • bb

    Moby Dick was originally supposed to open on the first floor. It’s strange that another kabob restaurant is now opening in the same place, maybe it’s still the same owner? I recall reading they were applying for a liquor license, which they don’t have at other Moby Dick locations, maybe they are creating a new brand? This is all speculation of course.

  • jch

    Looking forward to Nooshi. With these two opening, anbar opening, Rose’s something, and Kraze opening, i think barracks row is almost built out.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone tried the Sushi Bar that recently opened up in the space next to Old Siam on Barrack’s Row? I’m assuming it’s owned by or part of Old Siam (which, IMO, isn’t great).

    Looking forward to Nooshi. I’ve had good luck with their downtown location.

    • I tried the sushi at Old Siam before they built the dedicated sushi bar. It was just okay.

    • Anonymous

      Old Siam is servicable. Food is not the best thai I’ve ever had, but it’s ok. It’s clean, the service is friendly and efficient, they have good veggie options and brown rice, prices reasonable and they’re really accommodating to families. They’re alright in my book. After getting badly sickened after a meal at Sanphan, I like Old Siam just fine as a neighborhood thai spot.

  • Lundy Wilder

    The wall tiles came from Villa Lagoon Tile. They are “encaustic” cement tile. This is a patchwork collection that comes pre-packaged in mixed patterns. For Tash we made sure that we supplied tiles in groups of 4. We congratulate and send happy wishes to Vanessa on the opening of her new restaurants. Check out our awesome tile at http://www.VillaLagoonTile.com


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