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Massive Metro Delays on Red Line

by Prince Of Petworth January 16, 2013 at 9:03 am 33 Comments

Photo of Chinatown at 8:40am by PoPville reader LR


Update 8:35 a.m. — Metro has restored normal two-track operations on the Red Line between Farragut North and Union Station. Trains are no longer single tracking. Customers should expect delays to continue for about 45 minutes as Metro restores normal service.


Update 8:22 a.m. — Red Line trains continue to single track between Union Station and Farragut North. Work crews are beginning the clearing process. Expect delays to continue through the AM rush hour.

Every other Red Line train is offloading and turning back at Farragut North and NoMa-Gallaudet.

Customers can use Green Line service as an alternate route between Fort Totten and Gallery Place. Customers transferring between the Red and Blue/Orange lines can avoid Metro Center delays by transferring between Farragut North and Farragut West (walk across Farragut Square).

*** ORIGINAL RELEASE FOLLOWS *** after the jump

Metro is advising Red Line customers to expect delays during this morning’s rush hour due to an unscheduled switch repair near Judiciary Square. Crews are in position and are working to replace a piece of rail at the switch point. The estimated time for completion of this repair is approximately 8 a.m.

As a result, Red Line trains are single tracking from Farragut North to Union Station. At Metro Center and Gallery Place, all Red Line trains will arrive on the Glenmont platform.

Until repairs are completed, Red Line customers should expect delays between 20 and 30 minutes. Customers on the eastern side of the Red Line can use the Green Line as an alternate route between Fort Totten and Gallery Place. Metrobus may also be an option for some customers.

  • I was about to take the Red this morning, but saw a 92 bus coming and ended up on on the Orange. Maybe I’ll just keep doing that…

    • *on the Orange. Still caffeinating.

    • Anonymous

      You may find your stress level dropping.

  • AR

    So glad I don’t take the train. Don’t see how people do it.

  • Metro should be free on days like today, it’s only fair. I waited forever just to go from one station to another and it was infuriating. I also have to note that at that time I haven’t had my coffee yet.

    • I agree; when MARC is running late or has delays, you ride free on Metro. I don’t see how Metro can get away with charging people, like me, that were stuck on red line for 2 hours today.

      • Just imagine how many people are going to be late to work today. Once was late to a meeting with the president of my organization no less, and I was late because of some metro problem; when I mentioned the problem to him he said “that’s a lame excuse…”

        • utterlyanon

          that’s why you should always leave 2 hours earlier for work. you know just in case of metro delays.

          • But don’t people who drive leave two hours early every day because it’s an everyday certainty that traffic will be bad? The Metro doesn’t delay people daily the way car traffic does.

        • Your boss sounds like a real jerk.

          • +1. I guess he drives to work every day and doesn’t know what the “little people” deal with on Metro.

          • utterlyanon

            i had a boss remark that “only peasants road the bus”. now he said this jokingly and he did himself take metro every day, but got a little reaction out of him when I reminded him after his comment that I did ride the bus to work every day…

          • WMATA does seem to treat Metrobus like an ugly stepchild. And there are people who take Metrorail but scoff at the idea of Metrobus, as though it were beneath them.

            I admit, I like Metrorail a lot better — I hated my commute when it was half Metrobus, since it always felt like it took forever and it was so crowded — but people need to be less snooty about the bus.

  • Meg

    There are some days when I wish I could enjoy the convenience of public transportation rather than driving. Most days (like today), I’m glad that I drive.

  • PG

    I was able to take the Green line to Chinatown and walk to work from there. I’m glad it wasn’t raining. The overcrowding on the Chinatown platforms was pretty scary.

    • Sebrof

      Safety culture!!

      I swear, the Roger Goodell and Richard Sarles must be the same person.

      • +1. I never thought about it, but that’s a really good comparison.

    • nathaniel

      The worst part of chinatown, was at least around 7:20 was that they were not directing people down the platform from the side where people coming from the yellow and green come up from. Even though there was plenty of room down the platform for people to move, you couldn’t even get on or off the platform that way. This was a real safety problem.

  • I don’t normally use the yellow line Rush+ because it’s so slow, but on days like today it is awesome! I was able to get to work on time and avoid the crowds.

  • Pictures like these make me grateful I can walk to work.

    • Anonymous

      +1. I love metro, but walking to work has changed my life immeasurably. I’m so glad I made changes to improve my quality of life. :)

  • nolikey

    I go one stop fr Pentagon to Elephant Plaza. Today that trip took 25minutes. One stop. And yes, it is actually called Elephant Plaza :)

    • Anonymous

      That’s what they should call the Woodley Park/Zoo station.

  • I left my house at 7:25 today. I arrived at work at 9:45. The only word for this morning’s commute is UNACCEPTABLE.

    • Anonymous

      sorry, I just think it’s kind of funny how outraged people get about metro, but they still use it every day. obviously, it’s still the best way for you to get around if you use it. try sitting in traffic for hours every day and paying for parking if it’s so godawful. I really do feel for people, but it pisses me off when people (totally not you, I’m just ranting in general) don’t want to pay metro’s cost increases or live in MD and VA and have no problem with their politicians not wanting to pay for metro. you want to unsuck metro? that takes MONEY. you don’t want to ride metro anymore? maybe it’s time for some of you to look into the bus or think about where you live and your lifestyle and make a change. I’m far from rich, but I made it a priority to be within walking distance of work. that means my rent sucks, but I have no car and I cut out many other expenses so I could live where I do. and boy oh boy is life so much better.

      • “Unsucking” Metro isn’t just a matter of money. It’s also a matter of better management within Metro, more effort by Metro to communicate properly with passengers, better strategy (like ongoing maintenance rather than waiting until things stop working), etc.

        Those new flat-screen TVs at Metro station displaying the status of the various Metro lines? I’m sure they cost a pretty penny. Funny how the London Underground manages to communicate the same information with whiteboard-style sandwich boards, magnets, and markers.

        • Anonymous

          So wait, should metro do more to communicate with customers, or stop wasting money on communicating with customers?

          • Exactly. Not to mention the fact that if they used whiteboards and magic markers, you can bet your ass that people would mock them for that too.

          • Both. Better communication with customers doesn’t necessarily mean spending more money.

        • Anonymous

          But when they do “ongoing maintenance”, also known as “weekend track work”, watch the yuppie spittle fly!

        • Anonymous

          They’re planning to hire 327 new people:


          I thought they were over their budget and that’s why they raised fares.

      • Anonymous

        I’m kind of with you, but I was on the metro this morning and outraged as hell (40 minutes late for my 9 am meeting).

        This was the first day I have taken the metro to work in six months. I usually bike–even in the rain, but made the responsible decision to leave my bike in the office garage last night after a few drinks at happy hour. Just because you find yourself on the metro under duress doesn’t mean it is the “best” way to get around, it’s just a necessary evil for many people.

  • RL

    “At Metro Center and Gallery Place, all Red Line trains will arrive on the Glenmont platform.”

    Oh, that’s nice. Too bad they weren’t telling people that at Gallery Place at 8:40 this morning when I walked in on the Shady Grove side and saw people backed up past the first set of escalators…


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