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Hanoi House Now Offering Carry Out, Offering Lunch Starting Mon. Jan. 14th

by Prince Of Petworth January 9, 2013 at 10:30 am 13 Comments

2005 14th Street, NW

The recently opened Hanoi House (in the former Blackbyrd space) at 14th and U St, NW is now offering carryout starting at 11AM every day. And starting Monday they will offer dining room lunch service. You can see their menu here. Anyone check them out yet?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been a few times for dinner and I’m a big fan – love the garden rolls and rice noodle bowls. The drinks are still pricy, but the food is incredibly reasonably priced. When I first saw the menu I assumed the portions were the dreaded “small plates” because the most expensive item is $11, I was pleasantly surprised that they are full entrees. Glad to hear they are offering takeout, I will definitely be hitting that up.

    • That Man A

      Thanks, i hadnt been yet and was wondering if it was worth going to

      it is on the list now, thanks again

  • Anon

    Great news!

  • amethystdeceiver

    this place has hands down the worst pho I’ve ever tried in my life. just awful.

  • Anonymous

    I went for the first time not too long ago. Pleasantly surprised. Great atmosphere, friendly service, loved the pork shrimp spring roll and the beef lemongrass vermicelli bowl. Def. go back. Reasonable portions and fair price.

  • Anon

    Food was good and the price was great! The bahn mi, while not authentic, was really tasty!

  • Anonymous

    We call it the Hanoi Hilton. Hehehehehe

  • The Yelp reviews for the first few weeks they were open were awful. I mean AWFUL. But it seems like they’re turning things around…..?

  • While the ambience and service are excellent at Hanoi House, the food is mediocre at best. I enjoyed the inventive cocktail selection, but the pho and banh mi are completely forgettable. The pho broth (tried both chicken and beef) does not have the richness and depth of flavor of authentic pho. The bahn mi bread was overtoasted and the fillings were palatable, but without the sharp contrast of flavors and texture I love in a bahn mi.

  • Anonymous

    I got carryout from them yesterday for lunch. It was fantastic. It did suck pretty hard out of the gate but they have really gotten their act together.

  • greenflyingpiglets

    The pork bahn mi is fantastic (perfect heat, flavor, filling:bun ratio, etc), and justifies the restaurant’s existence in and of itself. The beef wasn’t as good but far from awful (could have used more heat, which seems odd–why pepper the pork sufficiently but not the beef?). Spring rolls are tasty with a good shrimp representation, and the summer rolls are fine (they taste very healthy). I think the drinks are a weird match for the food (yummy, but they’re all dessert) and the beer list sucks. But I’ll keep going back for that pork bahn mi.

  • fenestella

    I always go to Pho 14, but decided to try this place out. I ordered the Pho Bo and summer spring rolls. I thought the food was wonderful! Just FYI, the pho here is much less saltier than the pho at Pho 14. Also, the ingredients are fresh and there is no msg. The service was superb as well.

    • fenestella

      *less salty :P


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