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PoP Pho Patrol: Hanoi House Opens Tonight in Former Blackbyrd Space

by Prince Of Petworth November 27, 2012 at 12:00 pm 34 Comments

2005 14th St, NW

At long last the Hanoi House Vietnamese Restaurant and Pho House opens in the former Blackbyrd space tonight at 2005 14th St, NW just north of U Street. We checked out the menu here.

From the owners:

Hanoi House was created to share the traditional northern Vietnamese cuisine of the Claudio family with our city. The menu was created by Executive Chef James Claudio and his grandmother, Lap Claudio, who taught him the art of Vietnamese cooking in their family home.

In addition to our Vietnamese classics, our cocktail program was created by master mixologist, Brendan Murphy (The Gibson). Both food and drink are enjoyed in a relaxed and beautiful setting, designed by Joe Reza and the owners. Like the Gibson, the music program was created by Eric Hilton (Thievery Corporation).

  • Anonymous

    Looks nice!

  • Roz

    Why is everyone so crazy about pho in this city? Isn’t it just broth and vegetables? Bo-ring!

    • And lots of glorious beef. When done right, tbe broth is amazing. Throw in some basil, lime juice, chili paste and you got one kick ass meal that’s perfect for days such as today. Great, cheap eat (although probably not so cheap at this venue).

      Pho rocks. Given your description, it sounds like you haven’t even had it before.

      That being said, I don’t see myself coming here at all; will stick with Pho Viet.

      • Roz

        I’ve had it and didn’t see what the fuss is all about. It seems to be one of those things that people in DC talk about a lot and I’m not really sure why. Whatevs.

        • Jessica

          It’s not just DC! People all over the country love it. Pho is huge in San Francisco (and honestly anywhere with a decent Vietnamese population). New Orleans even has its fair share of pho-natics.

      • Pho Phan

        Exactly. The broth, when done well, is really deceptively simple and delicate. Based on a lot of the pho I’ve had in DC, truly good pho broth isn’t common!

        This place looks interesting, but I have to say it looks very nice, maybe a little too nice… I was introduced to my love of pho by my Vietnamese boyfriend who, as a west coast guy, has an innate suspicion of Vietnamese restaurants that aren’t holes in the wall. Looks like it would be a fun place for a group of people though!

        • Roz

          Kewl. I didn’t realize there were so my intricacies of pho! So, what’s the best place to get it in DC?

          • Pho Phan

            If you can get out there, go to Eden Center in Falls Church. There are a couple of places that are amazing, I’ve always been partial to Pho Xe Lua (it’s cash only, btw). Viet Royale has good pho, but if you’re also looking to get other things, you should try the Bun Bo Hue- it’s a spicy beef and noodle soup with a lovely lemongrass flavor- the boyfriend gets it here because it’s one of the few places that can get close to his Mom’s.

            There’s also a bakery there where you can get Vietnamese bao- delicious steamed pork buns that are large enough for an entire meal.

          • Pho Sate in Falls Church is great. Hopefully HH will be decent.

        • Anonymous

          +1. I’m suspicious of this place, looks too slick.

    • Pho has good profit margins. A place like this will charge $12+ for a bowl of pho that probably cost them $2.00 in ingredients and labor costs.

    • SF

      Roz, just go get some Pho anywhere in Falls Church. No questions, just do it.

      Try the Banh Mi at Song Que while you’re out there.

      • I found Song Que to be disappointing. Prefer Banh Mi So 1 personally. I admit it might be due to lowered expectations when I went to the latter (and too high when I went to the former).

    • Anonymous

      is everyone crazy about it? i could take it or leave it. some people like it, what’s wrong with that? a buzz about things os good for the city. isn’t that better than people not being excited about anything?

      • Roz

        That’s a good point! I hadn’t thought about it that way.

  • Anonymous

    uhhh… was excited about this place, but think I might lose my appetite with all that Fairey on the wall.

    • alex

      lose your appetite bc of shephard fairey wall decorations…dc isn’t ready for your level of pretention! give me a break…

      • Roz

        Hahahaha. +1000000000

  • qlc

    Est. ’14…?

    • AK

      Ha, guess I was too slow! At least I’m not alone in wondering what’s up.

      • gloomingdale

        Yeah what the??

        • Florista

          me too – what’s up with 2014??

    • picky anon

      The apostrophe in ’14 is also pointing in the wrong direction.

  • AK

    Est. ’14?

  • Rukasu

    What’s the Asian equivalent of swaggerjacking?

    • Chinese Knockoffs

  • Anonymous

    I hope I’m wrong, but it looks like it’s going to be the typical U St. hangout: style over substance with mediocre food and lot’s of people watching.

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone find a link to a menu with prices?

  • Tarveler

    So I go to Vietnam a lot and yeah, I still don’t care about Pho. But I don’t care about noodle soups in general. Maybe I;m just weird.

    What I would be excited about it some “su su”… those green sauteed shoots. I don’t even know what vegetable it is, but it is so good!

  • Neal – Som Records

    Going to reserve all judgement until I try it. Love pho and hope they pull it off. Any word on carry out?

  • Tried It

    Stumbled upon the soft opening for this place last night and got free food and drinks all night long (the former was kind of expected, but we didn’t realize until the end that the drinks were also on the house). Definitely not your typical Vietnamese joint. The place oozes style with a moody, dark interior and tall, intimate tables and booths. Nice beats at moderate volumes, friendly service and some of the freshest garden rolls I’ve ever tried. The banh mi were good and I enjoyed the spring rolls as well. The dipping sauces seemed pretty decent–not overly sweet like some tend to be. Overall I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to going back!

  • Viet Guy

    I’m all for Vietnamese food in DC. However…

    The Vietnamese items on the menu are not fancy. You find them in hole in the wall places in any Viet community. With the fancy decorations and location, expect huge overhead for the food that’s being served.

    Bottom line, you won’t find many Asians eating here (which is how most non-Asians judge the authenticity of a restaurant).


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