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  • Duffy’s Irish Pub

    Hail Skins!!

  • That kid RG3 is amazing. It’s amazing to see how he delivered on the hype after he was drafted. Also very cool that the bars in my neighborhood (DC Reynolds, Blue Banana, and Looking Glass) were packed and lively during the game too… Now if only Obama could win fiscal cliff negotiations like that, DC would be booming.

    • Rave: DC Reynolds was awesome last night! We were the guys leading the rousing rendition of Hail To The Redskins!

      Rave2: On the Wings of Armegeddon!

      • I came in for a second but it was way packed in DC Reynolds from early on (My usual spot)… Hung out at Blue Banana, the seats were tough and there was no wi-fi… But times were still good.

        • Anonymous

          I hate it when a bar doesn’t have WiFi. Because that makes it impossible to have fun.

          • Anonymous


          • They had no cell signal in Blue Banana either, I felt a bit cut off from the world in there. I still had fun, but wasn’t able to get or make any calls. Don’t judge me.

        • bluebananadc

          We do have FREE WIFI! I know recently it’s been up and down (Verizon issue- not us) but feel free to ask the bartenders for the password.

  • Boom

    Hail yea

  • Anonymous

    I’m just happy to see them take down the Cowgirls :-)

    • anon


  • Anonymous


    What a year for DC sports!

  • Anonymous

    Section 138/139 is on Popville. HTTR!!!


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