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Duffy’s Applies for Sidewalk Cafe at 2106 Vermont Avenue, NW

by Prince Of Petworth December 14, 2012 at 12:30 pm 6 Comments

Duffy’s, located at 2106 Vermont Avenue, NW right by the 9:30 Club, has long had the potential for a great outdoor seating area. Glad to hear they’ll have one for next Spring. The liquor license amendment says that there will be seating outside for approximately 40.

  • Anonymous

    Would be awesome, from what I hear, the next door neighbor (red house), is a crotchety old man who complains a lot about the noise and outside smoke – typical for a bar. I can see him putting up a good fight here.

  • Anonymous

    Why did they wait this long to put in a sidewalk cafe? I always assumed it was because of neighborhood opposition and/or a voluntary agreement that prohibits it. Being completely surrounded by residential units probably doesn’t help.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve only been to Duffy’s a few times, but discussions with bartenders/bouncers led me to believe exactly what Anonymous 12:49 said. They’ve had opposition from neighbors for a long time re outdoor seating, noise, etc. I’m excited to be able to sit outside Duffy’s on a nice spring day now though!

    • EdTheRed

      @12:52 pm: The first five years they were open, Duffy’s was operating under one of the most onerous “voluntary” agreements in the history of “voluntary” agreements, which precluded any outdoor seating. They’ve only been out from under that for about a year (okay, maybe two…I dunno, time flies).

  • Hallelujah.

  • RJofDC

    Yay Andy!!!


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