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Update on Frazier’s Formstone Removal from Hipchickindc

by Prince Of Petworth — November 6, 2012 at 4:00 pm 15 Comments

391 Rhode Island Ave, NW

Back in June we learned that the old Frazier’s Funeral Home in Ledroit Park would become a “4-5 unit multi-unit residential building”. Thanks to hipchickindc for sending an update on how the famous formstone removal is coming along. I wonder if they’ll keep it as simply red brick or if it will be painted.

  • Anonymous

    Please keep it red!

    Formstone is so freaking HIDEOUS it almost beat out burtalism for lowest ranking in my architectural world view.

  • anon

    +1000 please keep it natural red brick…

    • +1.

      Some of then brick in D.C. is tan-colored and not particularly pretty… but this red brick is very nice. Hoping it stays unpainted.

  • Not sure I would want to live there, regardless…..

    • Anonymous

      Agreed – it was a funeral home! If the ghouls and ghosts don’t get you, the trace amounts of embalming chemicals (which are highly toxic) might! But then again, they are opening that soul bar or whatever on H Street that will also be housed in an old funeral home (if I am not mistaken).

      • Warder St

        I used to live in a house that had previously been a funeral home. I did not know that when I bought it. The seller never disclosed. When it was a funeral home it was the operators family residence. The family, with kids, lived upstairs and the dearly departed hung out on the first floor. I always thought it was a pretty cool history.

        • Anonymous

          Worked at a small law firm that was in a former funeral home. Still had the elevator for the caskets. All the closed files were stored in the embalming room, which was dubbed the “dead file” room

  • Rich

    Looks much better. I wonder, though, about the integrity of the brick–are they going to tuckpoint? Is it quality brick? Formstone often was used to cover cheap brick work and walls that provided inadequate insulation.

    • Anonymous

      They have started to tuckpoint one part of the building. They are doing a great deal of repair work to the brick. I’m thinking they may end up painting the brick b/c it looks like a few different colors/types were used. I vote for keeping it natural though…

  • Anonymous

    i bet they paint it.

  • Becky

    I live nearby — before this restoration began, I believe I read that they were required (by HPRB?) to use dark mortar matching the original mortar. That would certainly indicate it will stay the unpainted brick color. It’s definitely some quality orig brickwork and careful repointing they’re doing, and I can’t wait to see the final product.

  • Anonymous

    How absurd that any historic preservation board would have a say in the minute details of mortar color for this. Were they offering to buy the formstone building themselves to restore it?

  • The NeighborHood Reporter

    I concure leave it red brick but I have another issue ,Who in the hell would want to live in a building that housed dead people I sure would not
    To me I would find that place to be just a little too spooky for me

    • I wouldn’t be weirded out about that. I’m thinking who the heck wants to live at that intersection?!?! Three sides of the house are surrounded fast drivers or stand-still traffic. I couldn’t relax in my home knowing that there’s NEVER a quiet moment outside my windows.

  • bb

    The brick looks fabulous. Hopefully it won’t be painted. Even if it is, though, it still looks way way better than the formstone.


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