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Dear PoPville – Anyone Know Where to Buy Tasty Sugar-Free Desserts?

by Prince Of Petworth — November 21, 2012 at 12:30 pm 22 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user sciascia

“Dear PoPville,

My boyfriend is a Type 1 diabetic and I’m having trouble finding sugar-free desserts, cakes in the area. Some bakeries claim to have sugar-free desserts on their sites but when I call or visit it’s never the case. Does anyone have any tips/recommendations? Thanks!”

  • Anony

    I think Wegman’s has a decent selection of sugar-free goodies. I’d call first though. The closest one is probably in Fairfax.

    • Anonymous

      Please tell me where the Wegmans in Fairfax is? Is it closer than the one near Largo?

      • Anonymous

        It probably depends on where you are in DC. The Fairfax location is at the intersection of 66 and Lee Highway, and very easy to get to if you take 66 during a light traffic period. It’s also very close to the Fair Oaks Mall if you want to do some early Christmas shopping. As far as malls go this one is very nice, and my favorite mall in the DC area.

        • Anonymous

          Cool, thanks. I’ve never been to the Fair Oaks mall. Will have to check out.

  • Anony

    You probably know this, but sugar-free can mean high refined carb, so a sugar-free baked good isn’t necessarily better than a regular baked good in terms of managing blood glucose.

    • JDS

      This, this is the best advice in the thread. Not to mention that most sugar free sweets contain sugar alcohols, which still negatively affect blood glucose.

      For actual low-carb recipes, check this website out: http://www.genaw.com/lowcarb/dessert_recipes.html

      There’ll be lots of granulated splenda and almond meal in your future.

    • Yeah, I have close diabetic friends and it’s the carb content, not the sugar content that they pay the most attention to. Not sure if your boyfriend has a permanently affixed insulin pump, but the insulin conversion is in carbohydrates.

    • This is THE best reply to the post. It’s all about the carbs. Plenty of websites will give you the carb count on recipes. People with diabetes are “allowed” to eat whatever they like – they just need to know how it affects their blood glucose and how to treat it (before or after).

      • Tulip

        I wrote the original post and am glad to see the support. I’m a Registered Dietian and it always concerns me when food is marketed for a certain “healthy” purpose, although it may not actually have anything near the desired effect. The same goes for the gluten-free craze (unless, of course, you are clincially gluten-intolerant).

  • Anonymous

    You should just find a new boyfriend. That would be easier.

    • Anonymous

      Or skip dessert, or make your own. Barring that, you could just pick up some packaged sugar-free cookies from the grocery store.

  • Marymay



    The internet says these 2 make sugar-free cakes but no info. on the websites:



    It sounds like you do not want to bake but you might want to think about putting together a fruit based desert.

    • zcf

      fruits have a ton of sugar. so how would a fruit based dessert be sugar free??

      • QueenBee

        Fruit has natural sugar, not added sugar and Type 1s count the carbs in a food, not the sugar content. So a small banana is 15g carbs, and depending on the basal rate the diabetic is using, they would take X units of insulin to cover the fruit.

  • Anonymous

    Is Sticky fingers still around???

    • Anonymous

      Also, you could talk to the women of Grassroots Gourmet over next the Boundary Stone in Bloomingdale…. they could probably whip up something tasty for you. Today is the first day of their new bakery shop!— Can’t believe I scooped the PofP on that one!

    • Sticky Fingers is vegan and vegan baked goods are extra sweet.

  • As a Type-1 diabetic myself, I hate to say this, but if him having a regular dessert is such an issue that he can’t adjust his insulin to suit the amount of carbs he’s ingesting, there’s no way he should even be eating dessert, save for sugar-free Jello.

  • AR

    As a type 1 diabetic myself, sugar free is not always better. Sugar free items often contain a high amount of carbs. T1 folks have to know the amount of carbs in what they eat so they can properly dose insulin. “sugar free” foods also contain sugar alcohols which can make blood sugar spike. The best thing you can do is bake things yourself (assuming he want dessert) and accurately calculate the amount of carbs per serving.

  • Lp29

    Check out outoftheboxbakery.com. It is a locally owned and operated gluten free bakery that is actually GOOD (like, really good). There are no artificial ingredients and any natural sweeteners, like honey or maple syrup, are used sparingly. They only use well-sourced ingredients and are very upfront about nutritional info. I love their macaroons!

  • Anonymous

    I just always remind my bf to take his insulin! I do sugar free sometimes (for both of our sakes), and I will cut the sugar in recipes with splenda, but as everyone else has said, it is all about the carbs.


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