Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Park View/Petworth

by Prince Of Petworth October 3, 2012 at 3:00 pm 13 Comments

The space above Looking Glass Lounge is for rent at 3634 Georgia Avenue, NW just south of the Petworth metro. The listing says:

“GR8T SPACE for rent IN COLUMBIA HTS,1 BLK from METRO above Looking Glass Lounge. Large (1200+ sf), BRIGHT open space with HRDWD FLRs, Open Floor plan w/granite/stainless, enormous living area. Also listed for Comm. Lease. Vouchers Welcome.”

It’s going for $2,500/Mo. Anyone remember the Yoga House Studio?

  • Anonymous

    No. Friggin’. Way. Lol. $2500 for a studio in Petworth? Bwah ha ha ha ha ha. Look, I get that it’s a “unique” space or whatever, but you have to be realistic. Not a good deal in this lifetime or beyond (or at least 5 years or so when Petworth is a destination neighborhood).

    • Anonymous

      It’s a two bedroom..

  • Anonymous

    Sooooo muchhhh moneyyyy. I had no idea how rich the yuppies and hipsters were in DC till I started reading this blog.

    • ET

      You ought to spend time on the blog of Brooklyn hipster hater.


      (hope this doesn’t come out twice – my comment disappeared)

  • That huge plate glass window would leave me feeling sort of exposed. You’d need floor-to-ceiling drapes to keep people from getting all up in your business.

    • NoKethup

      not part of the unit

      • ah good point! on looking at it again it looks like that’s the second floor of the lounge.

        I was going to say; too little privacy.

  • Anonymous

    Why do people always forget to put the toilet cover down before taking photos! So annoying!

  • Anonymous

    Whoa. Not a friggin chance.

    Not to mention being between two bar patios, right on top of a bar, and right on a busy highway-esque street with huge windows.

    This really should have been made into more of a retail/office space. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to live there, especially at that price.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s THAT overpriced… I mean… it’s big and looks new… so points there… It is however on Georgia which takes off some major points… it’s nice and big but the location is rough for the price… I’d say bring it down to like 2100 and it would be better… and throw in utilities.

  • Yes I remember Yoga House. Also remember instructors trying to convince us to mentally block the continually crazy GA Ave. din during meditation. So many sirens.

    • JS

      I’ll bet. This place is on the ambulance route to two different hospitals.

  • Anonymous

    No way. Unless you want to pay a huge premium for the honor of living above one of the loudest bars in the entire world.


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