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  1. Hard to tell from the picture, but does this place have an actual seating area or is it going to be mainly a carry-out?

  2. What’s with the salmon cakes? Ick.

  3. Ben’s serves salmon cakes. They have a long history in the African-American community. CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF!


  5. Looks like another carryout crap shack. All thats missing are the subs, pizza and chinese. too bad, I thought this might be something worth checking out.

  6. No it doesn’t! In fact the three things you point out it’s missing are the only things that define a “carry-out crap shack”.

  7. We do sincerely apologize for the exterior of the restaurant it’s still being worked on,but if you give us a chance and try our food I’m sure you will find a dish we have to keep you coming so please stop by and check us out!!!! And no we are not a crap shack.

  8. Is it “Kitchen” or “Kichen”…awful if it’s “kichen” and lame if they have a typo in their launch menu!

    At any rate, I’ve been watching the renovation of this place and the new owner has been putting a lot of time into it. I believe it has a lot of bar stools for seating and at one point he was planning to have a buffet going on there too (which kind of scares me since I can’t imagine there will be that many people there eating from a buffet so the food will get pretty old.)

  9. They might have done that to prevent lawsuits, looking at the menu, the only other mistake I could spot is a missing “d” on “scramble egg”.

  10. Went by there this weekend. Very loud music coming out the door–too loud for such a small place. Typos aside, they need to tone down the music if they want popular neighborhood support.

  11. We went in for lunch yesterday. Food was good and the service was friendly.
    They are expanding the menu as they go and said they wanted to hear back on what to add.
    Welcome to the block!

  12. With all that breakfast food on the menu, you’d think they’d opt to add coffee to the menu before the red bull.

  13. Had the salmon cakes tonight for dinner – I’m sold! Definitely up and coming – can see it being a neighborhood gathering place and anchor moving forward.

  14. My husband ate their for lunch yesterday and said the food was great. He said the mac and cheese was among the best he’s had. They are still obviously working on stuff (um, the sign?) but needed to open…lunch was served on styrofoam plates, etc. But overall it was promising…we will be back.

    This is in contrast to Epiphany BBQ next to the Yes – we really wanted to like it, but the pulled pork sandwich was just OK, and the chicken was totally overcooked, smoky, and unsalted. Epiphany’s mac and cheese was seriously disappointing as well.

  15. Jim- it does have seating at a bar (looking over the Kitchen).

    Picked up lunch from this place today and was impressed. Mac and Cheese was very good. Menu is somewhat limited, but certainly looking forward to going to this place many times.

    Great to have another quality place in the neighborhood.

    (and don’t let the exterior appearance scare you off– give them a chance to get it together)– Definitely recommend you stop by if you are hungry and in the area.

  16. Am motti daba and am the owner of open kitchen diner I will like you to change the menu and the hole thing in the post because the pic you posted was in old pic when we was under construction. But now it’s apsolitlly change everything, also we have a lot of change going on from the cook to the great services. We have the bust breakfast and dinner now I garenty you will love the new change we have. So plz come and check it out am 100 % sure you wont be disappointed thank you so much and I highly recommended you to stop by and try our delicious food!!
    Motti Daba

  17. I just moved to the area and am so happy that the open kitchen diner open cuz I was taired of pizza and chains food . Now when I ate at open kitchen diner I feel like am at home it’s just what I want to eat!!!! And the most lovely thing is its so clean and the breakfast is delicious so good job guys I’ll be coming soon


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