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Haydee’s Looking to Stay Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week in Mt. Pleasant

by Prince Of Petworth — October 30, 2012 at 10:45 pm 73 Comments

3102 Mount Pleasant Street, NW

Looks like Haydee’s could be open 24/7 in the near future. A recent liquor license amendment says:

Monday through Sunday 24hrs/day.

Sunday through Thursday 11:00am – 2:00am, Friday and Saturday 11:00am – 3:00am.”

Like The Coupe in Columbia Heights which is open 24/7, hours of alcohol consumption would not be 24/7. For folks that live in Mt. Pleasant – like the idea of Haydee’s staying open 24/7?

  • Does the ANC read PoP? If so, grab a bag of popcorn and a flak jacket.

    • So, Just Sayin’

      I’m sure they’ll come out in force with the neighborhood NIMBYs who have been doing a superb job of keeping all the interesting development on 11th Street instead of Mt. P. Let’s keep Mt. P good and dull!

  • Anonymous

    i like reading about 24 hour joints.

  • Anonymous

    Yes! More 24 hour joints please!

    • monkeyrotica

      Definitely need more places downtown where you can get a quiet, postcoital meal at 4am with your midget sex worker. Just ask Kwame Brown.

  • JA

    Man she is one tough cookie to try this…Best of luck!!! And….we’re off!!!!!

  • Upstairs & Nextdoor

    This is absolutely ridiculous. This place, while it has great music, can’t keep their noise level down to any reasonable level at any time of day. They leave their horrifically unpolished front patio open often until 3am on weekends, in clear violation of their license. I’m the “jerk” who’s had to call 911 to file noise complaints because there are loud and boisterous crowds at all hours of the night.

    And before the hate-comments come slinging my way, Haydees has been getting worse in terms of noise, not better. I get living in the city, I’ve lived in NY, London and San Francisco. I am totally fine with the occasional late-night reveller walking down Mt. Pleasant Street—I don’t love it, but it’s part of living in a city. I love a little city action, but Haydees has not bee a good neighbor the last 9 months, and I see no reason why they should be rewarded for bad behavior.

    • Anonymous

      thats a tough spot. i’m sorry you’re in that situation.

    • amethystdeceiver


    • Wake up people

      I love when people move into a place above a bar knowing its a bar then complain about the noise! What ever happend to a little common sense? Go move to the burbs.

      • Anonymous

        I love the predictable “move to the suburbs” reaction –

      • Anonymous

        A) it’s a restaurant.
        B) the restaurant is the one changing its operations.
        C) we neighbors already put up with a lot of noise and trash from Haydees.

        If her business has outgrown its space in row house with no alley that backs other homes, then she should find a better location.

        • +10000

        • Anonymous

          Plenty of space on north capitol

        • Anonymous

          As so many businesses have done, leaving Mt. Pleasant Street a bombed-out shell.

          • Annons

            Mt Pleasant is a bombed out shell? Really? Have you even been to Mt Pleasant?

            The long-delayed rebuilding of the Deauville Apts is a crying shame however that is no reflection on the business community.

      • Bb

        It’s like when people move to the city then complain about littering and crime and not getting your trash picked up.

        • I can’t tell if this remark is ironic or serious.

          • Bb


  • I’d be more in support if the food was good. It is not. And I’d listen to the complaints of people who live right there.

    • Ryan

      No joke — the food here is absolutely awful.

    • So, Just Sayin’

      Maybe bad food is a requirement for a 24-hour place. The food at The Coupe, I recently discovered, is ass. And don’t even bother with IHOP, which somehow manages to make subpar fried eggs and bacon.

      • BB

        If you are eating at 3:00 am, quality is not a priority.

  • CJ

    i’m still pissed at this place for cutting that tree down. boycott!

    • Anonymous

      nah, i’ll pass on that boycott.

    • +1 re. the tree.

  • MtP

    Haydee hasn’t been a good neighbor for a number of years. I don’t support this.

  • Anonymous

    Mt P – quite possibly the worst NIMBY neighborhood in DC.

    • Anonymous

      Oh please. Spare us the regurgitated stereotype. We’re talking about a license for all-hours service by a proprietor who militantly disregards regulations on noise, trash, and use of public space. This woman cut down a large tree after the presence of the tree box was cited as a reason for denying her sidewalk seating, and then subsequently managed to get a sidewalk permit. “Not in my backyard” does not apply here.

      During the several years that I’ve lived in MtP, the neighborhood has welcomed one new business after another with open arms. Radius (now reopened by MtP residents), Tonic, Nana, Flying Fish Coffee and Tea, and soon Bow Thai.

      • debo

        NIMBY? I don’t understand this industry jargon. So was or was not the tree in the front yard? (like, NOT the back yard)

      • Anonymous

        +1. The neighborhood is no longer the NIMBY capital of DC. Cleveland Park now holds that honor.

        • Anonymous

          No, Cleveland Park is. Just wait three years for another round of closures.

      • Anonymous

        +1. Haydee is a calculating and manipulative business owner who has built a couple of very successful businesses over the last 20 years, yet she cries foul when things don’t go her way, usually throwing the race card at anyone who disagrees or even, god forbid, tries to compromise with her. The infamous tree, the sidewalk permit, wanting the city to move a bus stop — now! — so she could have a loading zone in front of her restaurant and her attempt to change her liquor license are just 4 recent examples of this. I empathize with the neighbors who have to deal with the ramifications of a 24-hour Haydee’s if she gets her way again.

        • Anonymous

          if she were a large corporate store the city would have bent over backwards to make all those things happen, and most people wouldn’t have thought twice about it.

          • kelly5612

            In an area that’s zoned for it, sure. So your point is…what, exactly?

      • Anonymous

        Stereotype my ass. The ANC spent thousands fighting the library, for chrissake, and the MPNA is a self-appointed thorn in the side of many businesses, especially any that want a liquor license. I’m not new here.

        “We don’t want to be the next Adams Morgan” (as if that’s remotely close to happening) in 3…2…1….

  • Love the concept but this is a big ask for a restaurant that has a record of thumbing its nose at its neighbors. I would hope that Haydee’s would have to agree to give the neighborhood something in return if they get this.

    • monkeyrotica

      I’m thinking free margarita pitchers, unlimited wifi access, and earplugs would go a long way here.

  • I live in Mt P, and I wouldn’t mind. I don’t particularly care. It would be nice to have a place open in case I am walking by late and night and get nervous about someone else. But certainly, noise laws should be enforced, both with current hours and whatever they may end up with.

  • Anonymous

    I live in MtP and wouldn’t mind having a 24/7 restaurant in the neighborhood. But I agree completely that allowing Haydee’s to do this would enable a bad neighbor to be a far worse neighbor. Dealing with the problems Haydee’s already causes would become so much harder if they are licensed to operate at all hours. It would be a disaster.

  • El latino

    I bet that you guys wish to have a place open a 3:00am when you are coming home late and a couple thieves are following you, but you know that Haydee is open and you can get in for protection.

    • Anonymous

      ….or you could go into the 7-11 a block away or the 24 hour laundromat.

      • Was thinking the same re. the 7-Eleven.

        “Having somewhere to escape from suspicious characters at 3 a.m.” — while it might be a slight silver lining in this case — is not sufficient reason to justify Haydee’s going to 24-hour operation.

      • So, Just Sayin’

        Isn’t that the 7-Eleven where the man got beaten up for having the temerity to stop there for a late-night burrito, and his wife had to let their dog out of the back of the car to defend him?

  • Anonymous

    The owner of Haydees is a whack job. Who cuts a tree down in the middle of the night after you know for damn sure that the City won’t allow it. and then you act surprised you got caught? I like a good 24 hour joint too, but thats a two way street. You have to be a good neighbor in general. The Coupe guy has shown they know how to manage their late night/all night establishments. This haydees clown still doesn’t undertand the concept of actual municipal regulations.

    • blur

      This is fascinating. I’m embarrassed to say I live a half-block away from Haydee’s and didn’t even notice the tree thing.

      A 24 hour joint would be swell in Mt. Pleasant, but it looks like Haydee’s doesn’t have the type of track record of cooperating with neighbors that would be needed for this kind of move. Too bad.

  • Anonymous

    As long as Jim Graham is Council Member, Haydee will get whatever she wants.

    • Upstairs & Nextdoor

      This is unfortunately true. 🙁

  • MtPer

    I live in Mt P and would love a 24 hour restaurant but not Haydees.

  • Anonymous

    I live in Mt P. Haydee’s barely has a steady business at 4 pm yet alone 4 am. If they “need” to be open 24 hours a day, its not to serve bad food, its to do something shady on the side.

  • Anonymous

    Only if they also install a public toilet in front of their restaurant, and a person standing by with a taser licensed to Tase public urinators.

  • DC

    All I care about is bringing more good-quality businesses into my neighborhood. If Haydee’s getting a 24-hour permit will convince others to try and set up good restaurants and bars in the neighborhood, then sign me up.

    • Anonymous

      1. Flying Fish and Bow Thai are just the most recent proof that good-quality businesses need no encouragement to set up in MtP.

      2. Giving a bad-quality business and bad neighbor like Haydee’s a 24-hour license would create no good incentive.

      • Upstairs & Nextdoor


      • I don’t really care about Haydee’s one way or the other; I rarely go there. But the notion that Flying Fish and Beau Thai (which is moving into a space already renovated by the city, which is something of a gift) “prove” that there’s no issue on Mt Pleasant Street is a real stretch. There have been very, very few recent additions to the street – I don’t think there have been ten since I moved there in 95 – and it’s not because the existing businesses are so great. The strip is clearly doing much worse than many of the neighborhoods around it and has been for a long time, despite being in the center of a stable and vibrant neighborhood. It isn’t just Haydee’s that’s had problems with the ANC and MPNA; even if her issues are mostly or entirely self-inflicted that doesn’t mean there’s no problem. Hell, even the library renovation faced a months-long fight, and before Flying Fish there was a guy trying to open a Tryst-like space who gave up because the neighborhood opposed any new alcohol license for any reason.

        Ask yourself this – if MtP is doing such a great job with its business strip, why is it so crappy (yes, there are places I love there too, and yes, some of them are holes in the wall, but honestly, there is a lot of just plain crap) when all around it things have taken off?

  • Distrix

    I live right up the street and I wholeheartedly endorse this. I’ve never noticed any significant noise or issues with Haydee’s (anymore than Raven or Don Jaime’s or any other place that people gather to drink and, gasp, have a good time). The food isn’t the best but it’s not the worst either. It’s a good, easy place to meet up and grab a bite/margarita. As a small business owner in this city, you pretty much have to take things into your own hands if you want to get anything done. I respect the woman. So she cut down a tree. Do we not have enough in this city already? C’mon. I think this city needs 24hr establishments more desperately than it needs additional foilage.

    • Identified

      So she cut down a tree? Seriously?!? She was denied a permit for a sidewalk cafe… and she went and destroyed public property because she was mad.

      That is not a responsible business owner.

    • Anonymous


    • Anon

      Yeah, it’s been totally quiet on the weekends when people are out there at 1:30 in the morning yell-talking.

      People who like to sleep are so NIMBY.

  • Anonymous

    This is wonderful news! A quality 24 hr spot near me. Awesome!

    • kelly5612

      Sorry, nobody said anything about quality. You’ll still be waiting.

      • Anonymous

        I enjoy it!

  • Shawn

    Just adding to the comments – also think it’s crappy they cut down the tree way back when and don’t think they deserve the 24/7 status although 24/7 restaurants are cool

    • Upstairs & Nextdoor


  • Upstairs & Nextdoor

    Expanding on my earlier comments…

    I moved into Mount Pleasant on April 1, 2010. I’ve previously been a happy resident of Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, Georgetown (twice), and Truxton Circle. I’ve long appreciated late-night gathering spaces, and places that serve 24-hour food or coffee near my home. I love a divey bar (like The Raven) and a greasy spoon. I love Mount Pleasant, and I firmly believe it’s the best neighborhood in the city. I love the diversity, I love the food (not Haydees) and I love the wonderful sense of community we get from living here.

    Over the last two-and-a-half years Haydees has violated nearly every regulation and voluntary agreement they have with the city and the neighborhood. Corrupt council member Graham cares nothing of the concerns of his constituents in Mount Pleasant, or else Haydee wouldn’t be able to run ramrod over her neighbors.

    During the day, usually between the hours of 1pm and 5pm, loud copulative noises and music can be heard coming through the walls of Haydees’ upstairs hideaway. By all accounts, including from the previous tenant in my unit, Haydees operates some kind of brothel above the bar. Having a “restaurant” that operates 24-hours would provide additional noise cover to the establishment. Even if she does not operate an illegal sex-worker business, something else shady is going on up there. Just try to “accidentally” walk up the stairs behind the bar. You’ll be greeted with the harshest removal from the area you’ve ever experienced.

    The tree that she cut down provided shade not only for the street and my apartment, but for the bus shelter out front. I wish there weren’t 4 bus stops within feet of my bedroom, but I’ve learned to embrace the transit noise and happily coexist.

    The cutting down of this tree was meant very clearly as a display of her perceived power. If there’s a nearby business that wants to operate 24-hours I would whole-heartedly support Ercilia’s turning into a 24-hour establishment. They make consistently good food, they are kind and neighborly, and most importantly, they play by the rules to operate a business in the city.

    Like one of the commenters before me, I too own and operate two small businesses in this city. DC is not a great place to do business, from byzantine regulations, to stifling taxation, to exorbitant commercial rents.

    If Haydee is serious about being a good and forthright neighbor and part of the fabric of Mount Pleasant, than I suggest she start by obeying the laws and regulations that govern her establishment. Paying for the planting of a tree to replace the one she hacked down would be another good place to start. And finally, she should put together a patio that is not an eyesore. Neighbors and businesses should be able to come together to beautify and improve Mount Pleasant, not allow one business to operate by their own set of rules.

    • a nonster

      Wait a second I was reading this long comment when I noticed you said “illegal sex-worker business”. If this is true then this would undoubtedly be the best 24 hour place in the city! Fajitas with happy endings! Awesome. They got my vote.

      • Anonymous

        For the women, there is no happy ending especially if they are victims of human trafficking.

        • a nonster

          Relax. I’ll make sure to ask if they are a victim or a volunteer.

      • Upstairs & Nextdoor

        There are now unconfirmed reports that there may be binders of women above Haydees.

    • AnnE

      I agree that Haydee’s doesn’t follow existing regulations and has tried to pull some shady moves including threatening to sue one of the ANC members over perceived action/inaction on moving a loading zone to the front of their restaurant.

  • Since Graham won’t do anything to help the people who live in Mt Pleasant, maybe we can ask for help from the new councilmember David Grosso. He lives in Brookland and I bet he would understand why we don’t want Haydees to be open 24/7.

  • David Story

    I live around the corner from there and support their business. I like how they now have outdoor seating but I wish they would put some nice planters out front with some nice trees/bushes/plants. Perhaps the extra revenue will allow them the funding to renovate and get rid of the unsightly yellow bump-outs. That could and should be an amazing looking restaurant, given the increased affluence of the area and need for Mount Pleasant Street to compete with the shiney new look of Columbia Heights!


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