Washington, DC

From the Mayor’s Office:

Mayor Vincent C. Gray presented Leonardo “Leo” Johnson with the first-ever Mayor’s Medal of Honor in recognition of Johnson’s heroism on August 15, 2012. On that day, Johnson, the Operations Manager at the family Research Council (FRC), despite being shot, disarmed an assailant and protected others at FRC, possibly preventing further bloodshed.

“Leo Johnson put his life on the line to wrestle a firearm away from an assailant and prevented what could have been a very tragic situation,” said Mayor Gray. “He is a hero and it is my privilege to recognize his bravery by awarding him with the Medal of Honor.”

Two Metropolitan Police Department officers also were recognized by the Mayor and Police Chief Cathy Lanier for their actions during the FRC incident. Commendations for Acting Sergeant Timothy Holmes and Officer Walter Gilmore highlighted the outstanding judgment and professionalism they displayed in responding to the incident, calling upon their training to accurately analyze the situation and take appropriate action.

The suspect in the case, Floyd Lee Corkins II of Herndon, VA, has been charged with the federal offense of interstate transportation of a firearms and ammunition, along with the District of Columbia offenses of assault with intent to kill while armed, and possession of a firearm during a crime of violence.


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