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  • Jay

    Good to see someone taking steps to address the chronic shortage of retail clothing store chains in Georgetown.

    • Anonymous

      That’s not totally fair. Sure, there are plenty of places to buy good suits in Georgetown, but not too many where you can pick up crappy cheap suits as part of a perpetual buy-one-get-two-free sale.

  • Anonymous

    I want to open a bank and name it something like “The Suit Factory.”

  • anon

    Jo A Bank AND a Noodles and Company?!?! Georgetown has never been more relevant to the vibrant culture in this city.

    • I’d say that Georgetown is the new Rockville Pike, but the Pike has interesting ethnic restaurants and Metro.

  • FulanoDeTal

    I guess this is the Georgetown equivalent of “Wigs and Nails.”

  • Couldn’t happen to a more boring area. Congrats, GP!

  • Anony

    “What an amazing addition to the neighborhood!,” said no one.

  • Tom

    Buy 7, get 12 free!!!

    • Tim

      Buy 1 suit, get 2 sports jackets, 4 sweaters, 4 dress shirts, 2 belts, and not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, but 7 ties….absolutely free!!!

  • Anonymous

    it’s funny to me that people joke about how cheap this is. you must have great jobs and lives. congrats to you.

    • It has nothing to do with people looking down on Jos. A. Bank because they’re rich. After all, PoPville swooned over DSW & Target in Columbia Heights. It’s all about attacking a part of the city they inexplicably feel threatened by. But if you visit Georgetown on any given weekend, you’ll find that the sentiment “Georgetown sucks!” to be a very minority position. But hey, we can’t all live in “vibrant” and “hip” neighborhoods with such edgy businesses as Marshall’s, Ruby Tuesday, Target, Payless, etc.

      • anon

        People don’t feel threatened by Georgetown, they just remember when it used to be an exciting destination in the city with unique offerings, not the outdoor suburban shopping mall it has become.

        • So true! Remember in the 80s, all the independent stores and boutiques? Now that I can actually afford it, they’ve been replaced by BeBe and Banana.

      • jcm

        Believe it or not, not everyone likes what you like. I’m sure this comes as a great shock to you, but I do not feel threatened by Georgetown, I just genuinely don’t like it.

      • **DOLPH STRIKE**

        Why would anyone ever feel threatened by Georgetown? Mediocre restaurants and bars (at best) and standard shopping options. Terrible nightlife, awful congestion, and limited transporation options. I go down there like twice per year and that’s more than enough. There’s nothing threatening about it, it’s just not really all that interesting these days.

        Jos A Bank does nothing to drive up the interest, either. There are only three reasonable explanations as to why one would shop here:
        1.) You just got your first job and need a bunch of suits and don’t want to spend a lot of money on your wardrobe;
        2.) You’ve been a mid-level manager for ten years and have a couple of kids that you’re trying to put through school one day, so you can’t spend a lot of money on your wardrobe; or,
        3.) You just don’t know any better.

        • Anonymous

          bierria paradiso is one of the best bars in the city.
          sadly at the far western edge of georgetown so i rarely go there.

          plus the canal and waterfront park are cool.

          thats all i got.

      • Anonymous

        you’re so bitter “theheights”. so sad.

        many of us actually do like georgetown.

    • SF

      I don’t think this place is particularly cheap, but their clothes are very ill-fitting. Most guys would do lots better at Brooks Brothers during a sale.

      • jcm

        It’s cheap, you just need to realize that their regular prices are complete BS, and no one ever pays retail there. Things are always on sale. If it isn’t on sale this week, it will be on sale next week, and they’ll give you the sale price now.

        There’s actually a class action lawsuit claiming their sales are deceptive for just this reason.

      • Tim

        +100, I rarely shop at Jos. A Bank because the fit of the clothes is terrible. Also, the name annoys the hell out of me.

        • SF

          I felt that most items there were fitted for aging businessmen with guts and flabby arms.


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