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  • In a word, no.

    To me this reno looks half finished and like something that dropped from outerspace and just happend to land here.

  • CHSC

    I like it. Just sad it’s a TD Bank.

  • JS

    It’s not awful, and certainly an improvement.

    But a TD Bank? Fuck.

  • Anonymous

    All that effort for a bank? I was hoping for something nicer.

  • wd

    why do they hate birds?

  • I never understand how some of these renovations/additions take longer to complete than it took to build the original building. This project has been going on FOREVER, and they are still not done. Plus they eliminated the sheltered sidewalk on the Ward Place side that was always my refuge during sudden thunderstorms. And my problem with banks is the dead storefront space they create. Hopefully something more exciting will go in next door.

    • The fact that it will be a bank removes anything interesting about the space but have no fear, there is a covered sidewalk 200 feet up new hampshire for when it rains.

  • EWG

    I work around the corner, and TD’s my bank. The only thing that would make this better would be if they opened RIGHT NOW so I don’t have to walk to Georgetown to deposit a check. Also if they sold food.


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