Washington, DC

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Dear PoPville,

I was walking on the south side of Irving St NW between Sherman and Georgia Ave NW on Tuesday morning at about 7:30am. A black man, who I’d guess to be about 25 years old, stepped out in front of me with his penis exposed and asked me if I “like black d***.” We had both been waiting to cross Sherman at the light and he had run up the street in front of me, clearly planning to expose himself. I figured it was a weird freak thing, but Thursday morning I was in the same place walking home at the same time and he stepped out in front of me from behind a tree with his penis exposed again.

Since he seems to be making this a regular morning thing, I wanted to make sure people in the neighborhood know. Both times I saw him he was wearing black pants and a black jacket. On Tuesday morning he had a black and white head scarf on, but not this morning. I’ve contacted the police. I suggest if anyone else sees him, they do the same. He wasn’t aggressive toward me either time, but who knows what he might do next time.


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