Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Faucetini

Dear PoPville,

I was biking up 15th St. on Tuesday when I saw police diverting traffic from 16th st. onto Irving. Curious, I biked further to see what was going on and found the entire block between Arkansas Ave and Oak St. closed. An accident investigation team was working and a bike was on the roadway. I didn’t get closer, afraid of what I might see. The biker went down and a car following behind hit the cyclist.

This raises the question whether biking on that section of 16th is safe. Your options are limited on 16th. You can:

1. Bike to the side of the road and hope cars pass safely.
2. Bike as fast as you can and hope to keep up with traffic
3. Take up the entire lane and piss everyone off.
4. Bike on the crowded sidewalk.
5. Bike on another road.

Personally, I try to bike on other roads through that area but there’s a bottleneck in that part of town. What do others suggest? Is 16th St. safe to bike on?


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