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  • I wasn’t a fan. For a outdoor spot with no amenities, the cheap beer is too expensive and there are only two single-occupancy bathrooms. Somehow still remarkably crowded. I’d rather be on a rooftop or patio.

    • Anonymous

      “the cheap beer is too expensive”

      Well, it is a bar in DC.

      • “the cheap beer is too expensive”

        So meta

      • True, but you have to admit that even in DC, $5 for a warm can of Miller Lite is pretty ridiculous.

        One would think the point of a pop-up bar would be that costs are low: no overhead for, you know, a building and all. Low costs generally mean cheaper prices. Or, at least reasonable prices.

    • monkeyrotica

      Nobody goes there any more. It’s too crowded.

      • Anonymous

        The food’s horrible, and the portions are too small!

    • Anonymous

      There is a rooftop patio at the DC Eagle next door.

      • Which, even as a straight man, I find a much better atmosphere with awesome people, cheap drinks, and enough bathrooms for everybody.

        And all the bear porn you can handle.

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather go to a real beach or stay home…

    /shakes fist.

  • AV

    I have mixed feelings about this place. I liked the huge outdoor space and beach theme, but the drinks are ridiculously expensive and the bathroom situation is kinda gross. One porta-san-esque bathroom for each gender is just not adequate at all.

  • I was skeptical, but went once at night with nice weather and had a good enough time. It’s not a place I’ll go to regularly, but it’s a good use for an empty lot and nice to be able to wear shorts and flip flops for a night out.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t go anyplace that I can’t wear shorts and flip flops.

      • I second that.

        • Third.

          • Anonymous

            Indeed. If I can’t wear flip-flops and shorts to a bar, I know I’m not going to like it.

          • Anonymous

            I wish more men would realize/admit they look like overgrown little boys when they wear shorts!

          • Anonymous

            Who called the fashion police?

      • Anonymous

        I try to avoid places that allow shorts and flip flops. Unless, you know, I’m actually at the beach.

        • Anonymous

          Guess that means your options are pretty limited then.

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            not at all… there is more to wardrobe than the lazy american uniform

          • 15th St. NW Resident

            @2:38, yes, of course, but how many places (especially bars) don’t allow shorts and flip-flops? Not a whole lot.

        • m

          me too.

          • Anonymous

            because you like to wear jeans in 90+ degree weather yeah that sounds comfortable.

          • Anonymous

            Are you still in college? There are articles of clothing besides jeans and shorts.

  • anonnnnnn

    I went and it was is a d-bag fest.

    • I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Correlation =/= Causation :)

    • Everything is douchey and overpriced! I’m staying home with my hamsters and boxed wine!

      • hahaha

      • Anon

        Finally! A plan we can all adopt!

    • Anonymous

      Most places with a predominance of shorts-and-flip-flop wearers are. Just look at Arlington.

  • Kristin

    I liked the atmosphere, but $10 for a small plastic cup of frozen daquiri is a little too expensive. Plus, they don’t have straws so it’s kind of awkward to drink your overpriced frozen daquiri.

    • Anonymous

      Does it at least come with a little paper umbrella?

      • Kristin

        Nope, but if you’re lucky the bartender will remember to stick a slice of lime on the rim of your cup, lol.

        • That’s what she said.

  • If I want to go to a proper beach bar within D.C. limits, I’ll go to Cantina Marina, gracias.

    • Alex

      …which is also overpriced and has mediocre food, but at least you have a great view.

  • ceeps

    overpriced and tackily decorated.

    • Aft

      As opposed to what “beach themed” bar that has stunning clean modern design? It’s a beach bar, you miss the point.

  • Anonymous

    What’s the point of having sand if you can’t go barefoot? That rule also prevents most women from making an unplanned visit to this place (heels don’t fare well in the sand).

    • Anonymous

      or drag queens

  • Alex

    The drinks are waaaaaay overpriced, to the point of being a joke…even for DC…

  • Anonymous

    Where do you cheap bastards find beers for less than $5, and mixed drinks for less than $10? Even bars in Bloomingdale are charging $8 for a beer these days. $5 is a fucking bargain at a DC bar.

    • Jesse

      The Pug on Hst has $2 cans of beer all night..every night.

    • js

      It’s not that $5 for a beer is too much, but paying $5 for a can of Miller Lite certainly is. Look at Meridian Pint’s beer selection: plenty of quality drafts for around $6 bucks.

    • The Lil’ Pub on Capitol Hill. $3.50 bud lights all night every night and $1 jello shooters. Plus pool tables, an internet jukebox, and the friendliest regular bar flies in town.

      • Anonymous

        does it cost anything to play pool?

        • It does, but it’s an old school table with the quarter slots. I can’t remember if it’s. 1.50 or $2 per game. They have dart boards for free if you bring your own darts and rent them for a couple of bucks if you don’t.

    • Anonymous

      $4 for generously-sized vodka sodas at Phase One, but it might be hard to get in if you’re a guy.

    • 15th St. NW Resident

      Umm, let’s see:

      Looking Glass
      Red Derby
      The Raven
      The Pug

      That’s just off the top of my head. I am pretty sure a couple bars in Adams Morgan have Miller Lite or Bud Lite for less than $5. Sorry to break it to you, but $5 is NOT a bargin in DC for shitty beer.

  • Anonymous

    what was everyone expecting??? it’s on NEW YORK AVENUE. sand to frolick? i think not. gross.

  • Anonymous

    Genius idea, with low overhead costs. The owner basically has a food truck with a liquor license on a lot with no facility or utility costs at all. Just keep the truck running and keep it filled with ice, food, and liquor. Throw some sand down, call it a beach and they will come. 4king brilliant.

  • Anonymous

    let’s get back to the shorts and flip flops conversation. I dressed like that in middle school, and I still did it when it was out of style in college. and I’ll never stop, you hear me? Get ready for grandfathers with sagging camo cargo shorts, a t-shirt, and lots of exposed foot, DC.


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