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Frightening Dog Attack on the 1100 Block of 8th St, NE

by Prince Of Petworth May 24, 2012 at 1:30 pm 43 Comments

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From the MPD-1D listserv:

I wanted to pass this message along not only in my capacity as PSA 104 Citizen Co-Coordinator, but also as a concerned neighbor. Tonight, my wife and I were walking with our 9-month-old son and our dog. As we rounded the corner on 8th St NE, at 8th and L, we were immediately spotted by an extremely large dog who then charged us from nearly 10 houses away. This and another dog were off leash, sitting on the porch of a house in the middle of the 1100 block of 8th St NE. The dog was white in color, probably 120 pound American Bulldog (it made our St. Bernard mix look small). Fortunately, after kicking, screaming, and (stupidly) pulling the dog off of our dog, we were able to escape the situation. A number of neighbors and passersby also rushed to assist.

It was brought to my attention by responding MPD officers that this is not an isolated incident for this address. The owners of these dogs have been cited multiple times, but unfortunately the dogs are still there (perhaps more unfortunate that the owners are still there).

So, my messages are to 1) avoid this block if you are walking your dogs or children; and 2) if you experience anything remotely like this incident, please call 911, regardless of whether you or your dog were hurt. In this case, it is very important that there are multiple incidents on file in trying to deal with a problem property and irresponsible pet owners.


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