Zoo Closes at 5pm Due to Large Crowds; Woodley Park Metro a Mess

by Prince Of Petworth April 4, 2012 at 5:57 pm 20 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user dullshick

I’ve never heard of the Zoo closing for crowds before. Wild. I may or may not have used the term Zoosanity on twitter.

From twitter @NationalZoo:

“We closed at 5 pm today due to capacity spring crowds. Parking is difficult this time of year, so take Metro if you’re able!”

From @DCPoliceDept:

“Traffic Congestion: 2600-3500 Conn Ave NW (Zoo Area) heavy pedestrian traffic due to early closure of the Zoo/expect delays”

From @WMATA:

“Woodley Park : Entry to the station from street level maybe restricted due to crowding. Customers may utilize Cleveland Park.”

Update 6:20pm from @WMATA:

“Woodley Park entrance no longer being restricted, down escalator has been turned back on. (6:18p) ^BA”

  • When I went through at about 6, things seemed well under control. All the gates were open and they were just waving people through. Plenty of police and metro workers to keep people moving at every level.

    Much, much better than last year when it was chaos every evening during spring break.

  • Anonymous

    Having lived on Kenyon just a block up the hill for many years, this time of year could be quite maddening and hard to find parking when that’s not usually an issue. Another challenge, though, was trying to tell tourists how to get to Georgetown from 19th and Kenyon. Hmmm, let’s see, well, first you, hmmmm, um, I dunno….

    • oops, that was me. forgot to log on.

    • Haha, I hate getting the old “where’s Georgetown” question. It always takes me about 15 minutes to explain five different options, no matter where in the city I am.

      • Stavros

        Pick one, then. That’ll only take 3 minutes.

        • Ouch! Many people on this site posting super angsty reactionary comments lately.

    • Anonymous

      Ah yes, one of the main reasons to dislike Georgetown. It’s hard to get to from just about anywhere, and by just about any mode of transport!

      • AK

        Is it really? I know M Street is crowded and chain-heavy, but I don’t understand the idea that Georgetown is some faraway land only accessible on a wealthy prepster’s flying unicorn or whatever. It’s well-served by buses and it’s a pretty quick walk from the Foggy Bottom Metro. I wouldn’t want to drive there–I don’t want to drive anywhere–but I could easily give directions of how to do so.

        • Anonymous

          It’s actually impossible to get there which is why it is like a ghost town.

          Or you can walk, bike, or dare i say, bus. I swear dc people seem lost as shit if the cant take the subway.

  • Bossi

    I was there & tweeting about the fights then a bit more once they announced the closure:

    And should be getting up photos within the next hour or so:

  • Rich

    And the Zoo wants to add more parking????? On a nice day, the din from the kids must be very stressful for the animals.

    When I lived around Ontario above Columbia, warm weather always meant hapless zoogoers. I think it’s funny that even locals haven’t figured out that Cleve Park is the way to go on the Metro—no grade change and the biz district isn’t a tourist trap.

  • This was annoying. I live along Connecticut, and the crowds leaving the zoo were insane. Some people got fed up with the slow pace of pedestrians on the sidewalk and started walking in the street. Um, not such a good idea! The cops showed up, and things got a bit better in terms of everyone moving right along.

    On a side note, why do zoo visitors think it’s okay to sit down in front of apartment buildings for a rest and then leave their garbage behind even though a trash can is directly in front of them? Ugh. *grumble grumble*

  • S

    When I came home at 5:30, it was horrible. The sidewalks were so crowded, and the escalator going up was blocked by three bickering teenagers waving phones at each other. The police were literally standing about 20 feet away and not doing anything.

    I was also approached by several young men that asked for my phone number after I got up and onto the sidewalk….then I was screamed at and called a white bitch for ignoring them. Again, there were police everywhere and they weren’t doing a thing. Not really what I was expecting after work on a Wednesday night…

  • Anonymous

    Is this the African American Zoo day that they have every year or just a crazy day?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been told that this event is no more, as a result of the repeated violence that has accompanied it.

  • Native Son

    The blatant racism in the comment section on this website never ceases to amaze me. Please move back to Clarendon…

    • Anonymous

      waaah waah wahhh.. the truth hurts, native sun. i don’t see anything racist about any of the comments here. seems like whenever someone makes an insightful comment that in any way involves demographics a certain sub-sect of readers freak out and play the race card.

    • What comments are racist? I’m not seeing it

    • Uptown P

      While I don’t believe that there have been any blatant racist comments on this particular comment section, I have to agree with Native Son. I have read countless furtive comments on this blog, including this comment section. Without being to long-winded, there are many commenter’s of this blog that could use some cultural sensitivity training.

      • Anonymous

        While I agree wholeheartedly with you, I also think there is an equal number of commenters on here who are so thin-skinned that they should probably avoid using the Internet altogether.


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