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  • Isn’t that just another ugly, out-of-place pop-up?

  • MK

    After seeing 13th & Otis this is just ugly.

  • rh

    yeah, why is a house with a pop-up the house of the day?

  • Bloomingdude

    It’s a garden shed on the roof.

    The unfortunate thing is that someone seems to have done it with care, but it looks silly and out of place.

    • Annonny

      My thoughts exactly.

      It looks like it might blow away in a strong wind…kinda like the house flying through the air in the Wizard of Oz, haha.

  • ET

    OOOO isn’t that cuuuuuute……..

    Those are such sweeeet homeowners because they gave their house a little baby house to play with and keep it company while they are at work.

    (note to the homeowners – you just kissed the drive-by appeal of this house good-by. So good luck when go to sell this house because many potential homeowners decide to buy/not to buy before they even go in).

    • ET -I live around the corner from this house, trust and believe the owner of this house will not have a problem selling. Houses in this area do not have a problem selling.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s fun and unexpected.

  • Florista

    Actually, I think it’s kinda cool. The house beneath is very neat and tasteful, and for whatever reason they added this pop-up it is also done very well. It would make a great artists’ studio, something I’m trying to add to my house.

  • Too bad they couldn’t have just built the roof deck and left it at that.

  • classic_six

    There’s probably a good reason that you don’t see many of these roofdeck [sic] structures like this…anyone missing their home?

    On a serious note, at the very least, why isn’t it painted in the same color scheme as the rest of the house?

  • Anonymous

    It saddens me how joyless people seem to be sometimes.

    • Was this comment meant for a different thread?

      Many people on PoP dislike pop-ups, but that doesn’t mean we’re all a bunch of miserable killjoys.

      It’s true, however, that sometimes the threads about sweet transoms, cool houses, etc. don’t garner as many posts as the ones about things people don’t like. Perhaps we should make an effort to be as vocal about the things that bring us joy as we are about the things that madden or frustrate us.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s perfect. I’d love to have that set up on my roof. I’d put a mini kitchen in there so I could use it to supply me drinks and food on my rooftop in the spring and summer time. In the winter/fall, good for extra storage. It doesn’t look out of place to me at all either. Two thumbs up.

  • cia

    “I heard you like houses, so I gave you a house with your house.”

  • frickorfrack

    That garden shed just gave birth to a monster.
    What’s the inversion of a pop-up? A barf-down?


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