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  • Anonymous

    cool vid…lets go skins

  • Anonymous

    Love this

  • Hater

    Skins will still stink.

  • Craig

    As fan/videographer, I gotta say it’s pretty awesome to see the excitement RG3 is bringing to the city. I grew up in MD and have been a Skins fan my whole life and the last 10 years have felt like we’ve been pledging our allegiance to something we knew in our hearts was immoral. And while the system itself may be immoral, we’ve got a beacon of hope to rally behind. Bout time.

  • J

    Congrats to the Skins for once again winning the offseason. Call me when you make the playoffs.
    A Giants Fan

  • Hiya

    Also got a true leader and someone that will be willing to help RGIII in Kirk Cousins. Great options that team has either way.


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