Washington, DC

15th and U St, NW

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that 24 Seven was looking to move from 1408 U St, NW to the former Love Cafe space at the corner of 15th and U St, NW. It’s now official. When the move is made their new name will be Mediterranean.

Also in early April we learned that Utopia had closed for 14 months at 1418 U St, NW. At that time a worker at nearby Stem said that both Stem and DC Noodles would also be closing for a year. I’m happy to report that is no longer the case. The owner of DC Noodles says that they, Stem and nearby Coppi have no plans to close. Additionally, they have 8 more years on their lease at 1410 U St, NW. If anything changes they’ll be sure to let us know on their Facebook page. Hopefully the construction of Louis at 14th won’t be too disruptive for them.


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