Dear PoPville – Heads Up on New Taxi Rates and Shenanigans

by Prince Of Petworth April 23, 2012 at 11:00 am 76 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user AWard Tour

Dear PoPville,

I just wanted to share with you and perhaps your readers that shenanigans are already afoot with the new DC taxi rates. My wife and I had an early dinner out tonight, and because of the rain were compelled to take a cab home. The cab driver already had his meter set for the new mileage rate but had no qualms about throwing on the $1.50 for the “additional passenger” charge. When pressed, he offered to take off the additional charge, but then balked at providing change to us as we departed the vehicle at our destination. We sorted it out, and will be reporting him to the cab commission. I’m sure my wife and I are not the only ones who will have this stunt attempted this evening (or over the next few days), so we thought it would be worth sharing the word of caution.

On April 21st taxi rates increased to $2.16 per mile. However, the DC Taxi Commission wrote:

“New taxi fare rates will go into effect on April 21, 2012. All meters will “not” be re-calibrated to reflect the change by April 21, 2012. Taking this into consideration, drivers may continue to operate under the old rates until re-calibration or the May 31, 2012 deadline.”

Also note that the emergency fuel surcharge continues until June 20th and could be extended longer at that point.

Having said all that, has anyone else noticed any shenanigans like the OP noted above?


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