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The 5pm Post – Pie CSA Relaunches

by Prince Of Petworth April 16, 2012 at 5:00 pm 9 Comments

From an email:

What’s a pie CSA subscription? Kinda like what it sounds – sign up on our website to get a pie a week for a month. Like sweet pie? Get a sweet pie every week. Like savory pie? You can get that too. Like them both? Get them both.

Of course, you’ll only make a long term commitment like that for some seriously good pie. So thank goodness we sell some seriously good, one-of-a-kind pies. We only sell two types of pie a week – one sweet and one savory – so we can work with the freshest local ingredients from the farmers’ market. Our pie flavors change from week to week, depending on what’s in season. Like this week – our sweet pie is pear and ginger pie (with pears from Kuhn’s orchards) and our savory is a kale and cheddar quiche (kale is from Garner’s Produce). Our flavors run the gamut from traditional classics (when strawberries come into season we’re doing strawberry rhubarb, because there’s no way to improve on strawberry rhubarb) to completely original (savory apple pie with blue cheese and caramelized onions? We’re totally doing that come fall). Oh, and our carefully crafted crust is full of flaky layers of buttery goodness.

To get the pies, people can order through our website by Tuesday, and pick up that Friday or Saturday at our four pick up locations throughout DC. People can buy the pies we’re offering that week, or they can make a longer-term pie commitment and sign up for the CSA. And we have two sizes of pie – nine inch (six to eight servings), and six inch (two servings).

  • “because there’s no way to improve on strawberry rhubarb”

    Sure there is. Get rid of the strawberries.

    (I know, it wouldn’t really be a sweet pie then. But it would be a better pie.)

  • Seems like the price per pie has come down from when we last saw something on the pie CSA.
    $38 a week is some serious commitment to pie.

    • Brian

      That’s the price for 4 pies, one per week for 4 weeks, not the price per pie. A 6″ pie is plenty enough for a dinner for one (or dessert for two)…that’s $12-12.50/pie. Not bad for a hearty meal (or dessert for two). Plus, they are delicious!

      • Brian

        Sorry for the poor math, that’s $9 per pie. Even better.

  • victoria

    Good luck. I like pie, I like enterprise. The idea strikes me as a tough sell, but I hope for the best. But a word in general – people hate not seeing the price of something up front or in 1-2 clicks. Annoying as heck and puts them in a more negative mood to receive the product.

    • Anonymous

      I agree totally, but it only took me 1-2 clicks to find the prices.

  • Anonymous

    I would only pay your prices if I could pick the pie I would receive from a list.

  • Ryan

    This seems exorbitantly expensive. And I love pie.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe it’s expensive if you compare it to buying a pie at Safeway, but they’re a real bargain when you compare it to those ridiculous $30 pies at that goofy hipster joint on H Street.


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