• Bloomingdude

    The high bar for all pop ups. Extremely well done.

  • I live about a block from here, and it’s been a dump for years. This is a huge, huge improvement.

  • dat

    looks fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    great job!

  • MAR

    Looks great! And you can hardly notice because the hill the house is on. All pop-ups should be held to this standard!

  • By far one of the best pop ups I’ve seen. Remarkable transformation. Two thumbs up.

  • MK

    Massive thumbs up. All should be held to this standard.

  • Petworth Queen Forever

    Well Done!!!!! I need that contractor’s info, LOL!! :)

    • Anony

      Same here. Well done contractor.

  • What does a “pop up” mean? Looks great, I live right up the street!

    • A vertical addition to a house.

      I’d never heard the term before I started reading PoP.

  • This looks so good that I wouldn’t even call it a “pop-up.”. When I think “pop-up” I think of a rather cheap and poorly-executed hat on top of an usually otherwise nice home. This looks so well-executed that it is just an addition of a floor and some very nice aesthetic elements. Great job!

  • Beautiful. Bet this added $400k+ in value to this house. Love it!

  • What gives?

    Looks great!
    The only thing I don’t like is (from the front) that parapet wall ends at the next rowhouse in kind of an odd way, just hanging there in space. It looks like it used to connec tto an adjacent building that got shorter… maybe they could have stepped it down in stages (as it does on the side) or something?
    Otherwise, I love it!

  • This is really well done. Kudos to the developer(s?)/architect(s?) for making the effort to 1) blend in with the lower stories of the houses and 2) blend in with the architectural style of the block.

    I think the fact that it’s two adjacent pop-ups also helps.

  • eric_in_ledroit

    that is unbelievably nice

  • probably the best pop-up I’ve ever seen – I never would have known that it wasn’t original construction if I hadn’t been told. THIS is what all pop-ups should look like.

  • Can’t even tell it’s a pop-up.

  • Chuck Tobin

    This is Chuck Tobin of Tobin Construcion, Inc. (202-498-3449/[email protected]). We were the general contractor for the project at the corner of 13th and Otis. My brother, Steve Tobin, was the project superintendent/manager. We want to thank all who contributed photographs and commentary. Renovation and restoration of these beautiful, older homes is the work we love.

  • dreas

    They did a fantastic job–and I say that as a very nearby neighbor who was concerned when the plans were first announced. If I’m nit-picking, I still don’t like how the windows on the Otis St. side line up, but overall I really can’t complain.

  • Mike Nawrocki

    This is Mike Nawrocki AIA, architect for the project from Nawrocki Architects in McLean Virginia (703-288-4412 [email protected]) Thanks for your nice comments, and kudos to the owner who originally considered a modern style pop-up but decided to go traditional in the end. In response to comments: The front parapet ends abruptly as requested by the neighbor to accommodate his roof-mounted solar panels; and 3 of the 5 new windows on Otis street align with existing windows below – we did the best we could.

    • Sir, your firm should be hired to do any and all pop-ups in the city. This is exactly how it should be done!


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