• Anonymous

    This place is looking great! I can’t wait for it to open. I am excited for a more unique pizza place in this area. We have plenty of generic pizza, but nothing more unique, like red rocks or Pete’s.

    • houseintherear

      Rustik, at 1st and Rhode Island NW, is unique and delish. :)

      • styglan1

        And a 20 minute walk, on a non-direct path, across major roadways and with no direct (short of transferring) public transportation options. Not to mention a completely different neighborhood.

        • anonymous

          No direct options from where? The 90 and 92 (which travel along U street) go pretty close to there (Florida and 1st), the 96 goes as far as New Jersey (5 minute walk) and Shaw Metro is a 12 minute walk at most. I’m not saying I’m not excited about a new pizza place even closer, but I’m not sure how much more direct you can get, unless you’re looking for public transportation that behaves like a taxi.

  • Anonymous

    I heard the pizza thing was off the table, and it is going to be more of a diner/burger joint.

  • ShawShank

    Whatever it is, it will do a killing next to 9:30 where there aren’t many places to catch pre or post-show dranks.

    • Not many choices for post show drinks, cmon. Duffy’s, Velvet Lounge, Dodge City, DC9, American Ice Co…..

  • Anonymous

    Off-topic, but why doesn’t Duffy’s have a huge sidewalk cafe setup? NIMBYs? It seems like they could have a great beer garden setup in good weather.

    • ustjeff

      Yes. Duffy sent around a letter to neighbors a while back asking for their support for a sidewalk cafe. I didn’t follow what happened after that, but I’m guessing there must have been some folks in the neighborhood opposing it.

      • Anonymous

        it was the neighbors the same reason why they never utilized their maximum operating hours i think closed around 12:30 on the weekdays or something.

      • Alex

        Yeah, aren’t there actual residential homes right next to Duffy’s?

  • Sharon

    Duffy’s was limited on their hours due to neighbors. They just recently have been allowed to stay open later.

  • Talk about a hole in the wall

    Ewww is this seriously going to become a food establishment? From the looks of its surroundings I would never think about eating there…yuck! I have to try Rustik since this blog seems to be OBSESSED with it. Everytime there’s a post about food, somehow RUSTIK gets thrown in the conversation.


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