Will Tackle Box Reopen in Cleveland Park After Bandolero Run?

by Prince Of Petworth April 25, 2012 at 11:23 pm 19 Comments

3407 Connecticut Ave, NW

In early April a press release was issued saying Chef Mike Isabella’s Bandolero will take over the Cleveland Park Tackle Box space in Cleveland Park from April 19 – May 4th.

Last night a resident on the Cleveland Park Listserv wrote:

“I had dinner at Bandolero at Tackle Box tonight, and the waiter mentioned that Tackle Box would not be opening again after Bandolero had finished their run.”

I’m also hearing this could be the case though it is unclear what the new concept will be when the Bandolero run ends. More info as it becomes available.

  • michael

    I was wondering this too. In their Bandolero preview last week, the daily email digest Thrillist seemed to mention in passing the “now closed” tackle box, but I wasn’t sure if they meant closed for Bandolero, or closed for good.

    • Geoff

      Ate there last night. Asked server this question and he confirmed that Tackle Box is not reopening in that space. New concept for whatever’s next, but he didn’t know/wouldn’t say.

  • D

    Let’s hope whatever opens, the quality is better than Tackle Box was. Had a salty, overcooked, almost inedible fish sandwhich last time I was there.

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    Tackle Box had at least three separate 50% off Living Social / Groupon offers over the past year or so. That’s typically a sign of impending doom for a restaurant. Next up: Comet Ping Pong and Pizza?

    • JB

      Comet is most definitely not hurting.

    • Anonymous

      Kushi does the same thing and they’re typically busy during the week and packed on weekends.

  • Jen

    Not surprised, the service the last time I went there was horrifically bad and the food wasn’t much better. It’s too bad really, because the neighborhood needs more places like that, fancier than California Tortilla but not full service sit down.

  • Might this be a good location to reopen Hook?

    • I miss Hook :(
      (granted, I could only afford to eat there once or twice a year)

      • Please don’t! I ate at Hook once and had HORRIBLE service and mediocre food. Please open something worth what you pay for (I didn’t have to pay for my meal at Hook save tip and I still felt ripped off.).

  • Anonymous

    If McDonald’s was unable to survive here, I have to wonder if this space is cursed. Then again, it’s a very fickle neighborhood for some reason—I don’t ever think I had heard of a Starbucks in this town closing before the Cleveland Park location.

  • Randall Stevens

    The Tackle Box concept was great for the neighborhood, but I haven’t seen worse execution since I watched The Green Mile.

    The food was awful, the service was awful and the price was awful. So long, Tackle Box Cleveland Park and thanks for the worst (most expensive) lobster roll I have ever had.

  • I have mixed feelings. I only went to Tackle Box at that location twice. The first time I thought it was great. Service didn’t matter because they weren’t doing table service; we had an awesome lobster pager and picked up our food at the counter. The second time I went, they were doing table service, which was strange. The menu was smaller and the food was just so-so. I’m disappointed about the closure of the version of Tackle Box I enjoyed. I rarely go to Georgetown these days and probably won’t make a special trip to go to the Tackle Box there.

    • Anonymous

      The GT Tackle Box has been closed since the Hook fire.

      • The Georgetown Tackle Box re-opened in December. I have eaten there numerous times since then.

  • Dave

    That Tackle Box was a miserable restaurant. Awful food… service… everything. Cleve Park is in desperate need of a place with late night munchies… or a place that serves decent coffee.

  • CJ

    The Tackel Box concept would have worked if it was done right.

    The food and service was awful.

    If Freddie’s Lobster Shack opened up here – (Same concept but done right) it would be a home run

  • Patrick

    Tackle Box – And let’s not forget … it was waaaay overpriced … for what you got!

  • SA

    Cleveland Park is such a weird area for businesses. They renovated the Starbucks by the zoo but it closes at like 9pm. There is just something about the area that is uninviting. Woodley Park has a little more depth to the retail facades and I think that draws people in more. That strip on the CVS side in CP is just like a narrow gauntlet you want to get through ASAP.


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