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  • Anonymous

    Lovin’ it. We need more plug ins….

  • greg

    I’ll see your prius and raise you a lincoln town car I saw at the DC DMV inspection station today – http://i.imgur.com/eB5wB.jpg

    • Anon5

      That’s a Caddy.

  • Meg

    Self-righteousness negates the positives of do-gooders.

    • Anonymous


    • South Park did an episode nailing this about Prius owners

    • Identified

      “The essence of the conception of righteousness, therefore, is to afford an outlet for sadism by cloaking cruelty as justice.”
      –Bertrand Rusell

  • Greazey

    God, Prius owners are horrendous, carbon footprint of these are many times that of a normal vehicle. In 5 years, we will realize these cars werent a great idea , minus the public awareness aspect of needing an alternative .

    • This is wrong. A prius gets much better miles to the gallon than most cars. It’s true though that they are a “vehicle” for self riteousness.

      • ah

        Studies have shown Prius drivers drive more than the others in similar circumstances. Plus, since this one’s from Virginia, chances are a large part of the purchase motivation was access to HOV lanes with a single driver.


      • Greazey

        you are incorrect, carbon footprint of producing a hybrid vehicle is app. 4 times that of a normal vehicle. Those batteries have take a worldwide trip before they even get installed, not to mention we don’t truly know what to do with them at end of life cycle. If you placed a huge Prius battery directly on a concrete road, it would eventually burn a hole in it.

        • styglan1


        • What gives?

          Yes, I’d like to have some sources for all these random comments so I can read it for myself.

        • Anon X

          Do you make stuff up?

  • Nikiter

    Pedal that thing faster!!

  • Dartagnan

    I agree with the comments above on both sides of the argument. Its great to have a fuel efficient car, but if you drive a ton, then there is no benefit. In my opinion its better to keep your not-as-efficient used car and drive it less.

  • Sharon

    But if you drive more, and have to drive more, it’s best to have a vechcile that outputs less carbon. I only drive my Pruis when I’m not on my bike.

    • El Ron


  • Anonymous

    That license plate is simply rude, and says “I’m a Prius driver, AND an asshole.”


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