Chinito’s Burritos Opens at 635 Florida Ave, NE

by Prince Of Petworth February 13, 2012 at 10:30 am 16 Comments

Florida Ave, NW has been getting a lot of action lately – now Florida Ave NE is getting in on some action with Chinito’s Burritos opening up at 635 across from Galludet University.

Their Facebook page says:

Gastronomes Take Heed. Founded by Jin Chong, Chinitos Burritos is committed to serving the community authentic Mexican food at an affordable price. Located in the meat-packing district of NE, Washington, DC, my mission is to provide gourmet food that is prepared quickly. The name Chinitos is an adaptation of the Spanish word Chinos to describe Asians. Cheers to good food and longevity.

With a passion for food and a love for people, Chinitos Burritos aims to establish trust in the community for preparing authentic Mexican food done well. Gourmet food does not have to come with a gourmet price tag.

My hope is to inspire and enhance the quality of life through great food and experience, combined by entertainment and great atmosphere. Command the art of hospitality employing the juxtaposition of nourishment, rapport, and diversion to create harmony and foster the ceremony of life and living.

And here’s how it works:

  • The written order tab will be a great option for the Deaf students! Kudos

  • Reminds me of Jetties.

  • mj

    Interesting. Simple. And opposite my part of town so I’ll unfortunately never get there unless I”m on my way to Fragers.

  • Anonymous

    DC has a meat-packing district? Who knew? Anway, yay for burritos!

  • I like the idea for the menu, but I hate how they set up the prices. The $2 taco is really a minimum of $4-5 if you get any meat on it, and the $3 burrito goes up to $7 or more after the other “toppings.”

  • This looks really great – I have been wishing for a place like this to open up in greater Trucktingdale, but I will walk down to try it on the weekend.

  • Does anyone know what the hours are going to be?

  • SonjaKelly

    Just went for lunch today and it is fantastic. I got the “box”–meat , rice, beans, and toppings, and my husband got the chicken burrito with lots of add-ons. We spilt an order of chips. The meats are made fresh daily (refreshing for a fast-food burrito place after learning that Chipotle and others have all of their meat pre-cooked in Chicago and then shipped), and the inside is warm and inviting–clean, big windows, bright green walls. Highly recommend stopping by if you live on this side of town!

    @thomashailu: from what the owner says on the Facebook page, he’s starting with being open from 11-5 M-Sa, but will extend as needed based on customer feedback.

    @mhdc: I actually really like the way the prices are set up. If you’re a student looking for a cheap burrito, you can get a simple bean and rice taco for $3. But if you want something a little “fancier,” then you’re looking at still paying less than Chipotle for a better quality burrito.

    • Anonymous

      The meat is pre-cooked in Chicago and shipped?

      So the grill that is in plain sight and clearly has raw chicken and steak cooking on it is what, a hologram? Or do they just throw all that meat away as soon as they take it off the grill.

      Something tells me you are talking out of your ass.

  • Looks good, will have to check it out the next time I’m on H St.


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