Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user District Shots

Dear PoPville,

I’ve lived in the same apartment for a number of years with no problems. It’s an older building and the heating system includes large vents on the floor. Recently, the strong smell of marijuana has been coming through the vent on a daily basis. Because it’s coming from the vent, I believe it’s the tenants downstairs. If this was just once in awhile, we’d try to just ignore it; but this is happening every day and sometimes multiple times a day.

I’d really like to get this to stop, but I don’t feel comfortable confronting the tenant in person. Based on past experience, I doubt the office staff will take any meaningful action. So, I feel that I’m left with calling the police – so do I just call 311? Does anyone out there in PoPville have any suggestions?

We discussed a somewhat similar situation back in April ’11 when an elderly neighbor’s pot smoke was also getting into someone’s apartment. Is it possible you could leave a note under the offending resident’s door?


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