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Dear PoPville – Don’t Walk Home from the Bars Drunk and Alone – You are a Target for Muggers

Photo by PoPville flickr user Joe in DC

Dear PoPville,

For the past 3 years, 6-7 guys love to hang out on the wall/sidewalk outside of our next door neighbors house. They do not reside there and my neighbor does not know them. We often call the police on them, as they smoke weed, trash our lawns, and harass us as we leave the house. Two of these guys, I believe, are to blame for a series of muggings where intoxicated people are targeted walking home at night. And, these two men have not been caught in the act by the police.

One instance occurred a couple months ago. My husband I were driving home from Baltimore on an early Sunday morning (around 3:30am) when parking into our garage, witnessed the same two casing a mid 20 something male in an attempt to mug him. This man was in bad shape from drinking and was unaware that the two men were following him as he stumbled in an alley behind our home. We intervened, convincing our drunk neighbor to let us give him a ride to his house, thus eluding the mugging.

We reported the incident to the police however the next day the two guys were sitting with their buddies in front of our neighbors home. So we called the police again to make a report. Two weeks later, one of our friends who lives a block over from us reported being mugged while returning home drunk after a night out after work. She works in the service industry and had deposits/tips on her at the time. Two men approached from behind on her porch before she could put the key in the lock. She gave us a similar description of the two guys.

Then, Saturday night, we were home watching movies and I saw blue and red lights flashing on my window. I went outside to investigate. The police had responded to another mugging. Same type of incident – intoxicated guy mugged and violently hit in the face. This man gave a another similar description. I told the police again about the earlier incidents and where we believe the party responsible hangs out.

As far as we can tell, they are targeting people between Columbia Road to Kenyon between Georgia and Warder. And they tend to “hang out” during the day and evenings on Kenyon between the same blocks.

I want readers to be aware of these two men and be safe. Readers be aware – If you are drunk, don’t walk home in this area – get a cab and have the driver wait until you are inside. If you walk, go in groups.

Our best description –
Approx 5′ 10” black male medium complexion with ‘freckle marks’ on his face dreads/braids slim build early 20’s maybe younger
Approx 5′ 5″ black male dark complexion short hair heavier build early 20’s maybe younger

Any advice or information you could provide and what can we do so that these guys stop getting away with this?

The OP assured me they’ve again reported this to the Police but I will make sure they see this as well. I think a dual approach is necessary – MPD needs to patrol this area and patrons need to heed the original advice of not walking home drunk alone late at night.

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