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The Enterprise, Jazz Lounge Coming to 2917 Georgia Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth — September 5, 2011 at 11:51 pm 27 Comments

A few folks have been writing in noticing the construction going on inside 2917 Georgia Ave, NW. At one point this former pharmacy space was looking to become a a liquor store but a new alcohol application permit now says The Enterprise will be:

“New Multi-Purpose Facility. Jazz Lounge with live performing art. Serving sandwiches/soups. Occupancy load of 88. Summer Garden with 8 seats.”

If it’s anything like HR-57 this’ll be great!

  • JH

    What are the chances that it actually is nice? Please convince me to be optimistic…

  • JRL

    That’s too bad. Lower GA Ave could really use a liquor store.

  • Jazz clubs have traditionally attracted the “wrong element” (i.e., reefer-smoking hepcats who listen to bebop and use terms like “daddy-o” and “you dig?”)

  • RH

    They had a “soft opening” on Saturday night. They are planning for a full opening by the end of the month.

    • Anonymous

      how was it?

  • RH

    They also have a website, which appears to be in progress: http://www.jazzongeorgia.com/

  • RH
  • parkviewj

    I agree with JH–please pull this off with class. Please be a nice spot where someone could grab a good sandwich in the day (not just chicken fried chicken) and a sleek place at night for jazz and cocktails.

    Please don’t be a gross pothead joint or attract people who like to stab.

    • Eyeless in Gaza

      A “gross pothead joint?” Oh puh-leez! What’s wrong with smoking pot and listening to jazz. I guess it’s ok to go in there and get legally drunk, but god forbid you’d go in there stoned. You make it sound like pot = heroin or something.

      I can’t wait to finally have a decent neighborhood bar where we can get a drink and have fun without walking 10 blocks uphill to get home.

      • Eyeless in Gaza

        In fact, I’m gonna be that stoned guy hanging out in the bar, not stabbing people. Keep an eye out for red eyes…:)

  • pinkflower

    I think The Enterprise is a wonderful idea for that community. With D.C. losing it’s long lived status of being “predominantly black”, it’s a beautiful thing to see a business owned by one of “our own”. I’m looking forward to the grand opening. Many blessings…..

    • TaylorStreetMan

      Wiggle that fishin’ line! Who will take the bait?

      • jm

        not touching this!

  • charlene

    I attended the soft opening and it was fantastic. The ambiance was pleasant, intimate & mature. There was live performances that included a play & a jazz band. Definitely a place for those who have an appreciation for the arts. No jeans or tenjns shoes there either. I am truly looking forward to this place full opening.

    • parkviewj

      Very nice to hear!

  • charlene

    Parkview, I wish you had attended. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Once it opens, we will be able to get a quick bite to eat & a live performance during the afternoon, dinner & live jazz in the evenings as well as brunch & gospel jazz on Sundays.

    • Anonymous

      How did you her about it? I totally would have gone!

      • Charlene

        I was in the store when I overheard someone speaking about it. I was expecting something just kind of thrown together and an okay atmosphere. However, it was so cool. The food was great as well. They had Indian food which was catered in from a spot on L Street(I forgot the name of the establishment)and it was scrumptous. I had a cocktail which was normally priced and had a very fresh taste to it. As you can tell, I was utterly impressed and am awaiting the true opening. Live music, a mature crowd, good food and cocktails…what more could one ask for???

    • Anonymous
  • pinkflower

    That’s great! Sounds like a nice place to relax and have some quality entertainment. I heard they are gonna offer theater workshops for kids. Not a lot of businesses actually give back to their communities.

    • Charlene

      Oh yea, the owner did mention that they are offering a 6 week workshop for the kids. Wish I had that opportunity when I was younger. So many people complain about the children not having dreams but not many of them try to assist. I pray that The Enterprise is a success and that our community takes advantage of the opportunity that awaits.

  • Anonymous


    PS. PoP, it would be great if you would give not only the address but also the cross roads when you report on new businesses. 🙂

    • textdoc

      Agreed on the cross streets.

      (This one appears to be at the corner of Georgia and Hobart, on the block of Georgia between Columbia and Harvard.)

  • xavier

    Great to see GA Ave picking up a decent restaurant and entertainment on this end.

  • blu

    THE ENTERPRISE will be great place with class and style, with more to come. Not your regular jazz joint, like some of the other post say. I Attended the soft opening, and is was a successful event.

  • Kristina

    I happened to pass by during the soft opening on Sat and it looked very nice inside- candles at the tables, good music, nice vibe. Looking forward to going back to check it out.

  • Harvard Chick

    I wish I knew about the soft opening too.

    My only issue is that I hear that the owner has never run a club before, and it’s no secret that ngihtclubs (Jazz or otherwise) have a tendency to start off great and then fall apart.

    I hope they are up to the challenge of late night crowd control, noise and trash issues!

    I also hope this isn’t a bait and switch thang… set it up so it seems like a nice, mellow place, but get your nightlub license and then turn it into a dive. Burden of proof is one the owners since the original owner of the buidling who wanted to put in a liquor is actively involved in this enterprise!


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