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  • Cornholio

    Haha, I was walking my dogs in Meridian Hill when they were filming this. Everyone looked like they were having a blast.

  • Analnymous

    People have way too much free time in their hands..

    • EB

      Yeah, there’s definitely no time for anyone to do anything fun these days.

    • Anonymous

      no they don’t.

  • M

    This is great!

  • JL

    I’d take a real wave over this any day.

  • Susan

    looks like a ton of fun

  • RnR

    Ha ha, I love that multiple dogs did not seem to “get” what was going on. It must be a human thing.

  • James

    Saw these when they were filming and had a hell of a time figuring out what was going on. Looks a lot cooler on video than it did in person.

  • McIntosh

    I don’t see what the point is…maybe if there was water spraying involved?

  • Dog walker

    My kids and I tarp-surfed the Kingman Island Bluegrass fest. I sweated enough to craete my own ocean. Fun.

  • Local PW

    Not getting the point of this. Beat the tarp?


    I TOTALLY don’t understand the point of this or why it is entertaining… Feel like I’m missing out…

    ‘Thanks’, Andy Rothwell. =(

  • E

    meh! same as running, only difference is that you look silly while doing it.

  • SP

    The point is to have fun and act like a kid again, for those that are not “getting” it. At least that’s my opinion. Way to go Andy, the video turned out great!!

  • Anonymous

    the thing is, you don’t have to understand. i don’t understand it either, but i do see people having fun. so amen to that. people need more happiness.


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