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  • Beth

    I am interested to see if anyone has an opinion. Headed to the Nats game on Friday with my parents and this looks like a great spot to eat beforehand.

    • Ann

      Certainly is!! Not to mention, some neighboring spots have free shuttle rides over to the game:)

  • PhartN

    Just tried it yesterday. I would def go back. Good for anytime!

  • Anon

    I hesitate to spill the beans on one of my favorite spots lest it become a bit packed, but they have an amazing brunch. Try the lamb sandwich!!!

  • MaryEdith

    It’s sooo good. I love the grilled tuna club sandwich, and they have delicious cocktails.

  • Anonymous

    Meh. We were completely underwhelmed. The food was fine, but the descriptions sounded much better than the food tasted.

  • Carolyn

    My husband and I have eaten there twice in the past year and it was wonderful both times. Great service as well. Highly recommend!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been there a handful of times and find it to be hit or miss. I’ve been there 3 times for dinner and 2 out of those 3 times their dishes were over salted. I’ve also been for brunch twice. The first time was fine, but the 2nd time was “meh”. I got the banana stuffed french toast. The french toast would have been good on its own, but the weird mashed banana stuffing was pretty nasty.

  • The menu is pretty limited but I like everything I’ve tried there. The lamb dishes are particularly tasty–either as the sandwich or the braise.

    • Dan

      The menu is limited? Are you crazy? I was about to say there’s way too much on their menu. Being in the restaurant biz I know it can be extremely difficult to juggle a lot of those ingredients and keep them fresh while providing such a huge menu. Not every restaurant can buy in 99% of their food from Sysco.

  • Rukasu

    No complaints, had a great meal, kind of a tight fit though, the interior is a bit small and they really pack the seats in.

  • DC

    I think of it as a great neighborhood spot for lunch and brunch. I appreciate that they serve sandwiches and other lunch fare during brunch too, brunch does not have to mean eggs on everything. Some solid drink choices too, the carmenere is a great value for a red and the great lakes dortmunder is probably the best lager you can find on a regular basis.


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