• anon

    That could never happen here – too much liability for potential injuries.

    • Anonymous

      What a difference between the U.S. and the Netherlands on so many levels. I know wearing a helmet is important when biking (and saved my life once), but sit for an hour in a cafe in Amsterdam, watch the swarms of bikes passing you, and you may see 1 in 15 people wearing a helmet. And over there biking means balancing groceries plus two kids on your bike, while wearing a short skirt and high heels. Somehow they seem to manage.

      • t

        I hear you. I lived in the Netherlands and visit often. Few people wear helmets but they also have an extensive system of dedicated bike lanes which are separated by curbs (not painted white lines) from traffic, parked cars, pedestrians and mass transit. The system is so extensive it is possible to ride throughout the entire country. I feel far safer biking in the Netherlands then I do in Washington DC or anywhere in the US. Not to mention the majority of their bikes are fairly simple and do not move particularly fast. The greatest danger to the Dutch bike rider in Amsterdam is colliding with stoned tourists.

  • Patrick

    Ahaha, riding down a slide the entire length of the escalator… no, that wouldn’t be dangerous…

    While we’re at it though, make it a waterslide, just for days like today.

  • 13NW

    I always thought a fireman’s pole like the one Batman and Robin slide down would be a cool way to get into the metro.

  • Joe

    Yeah, during the summer you’d have a lot of burned butts from the hot metal, and at night it would be used as a urinal by the drunks and the homeless.

    • yum

      You read my mind … a world’s largest urinal

    • rjs

      Glad I’m not the only one who immediately thought of a pee waterfall.

  • Andy(2)

    I’d like this in Rosslyn!

  • spookiness

    Today would be great for a Slip N Slide

  • Tree

    WOuldn’t work here. Too many fatties.

    • Cornholio

      DC is waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too uptight for this to ever work.

  • Anon

    So bummed that there are places where the slide ISN’T a lawsuit waiting to happen nor a urinal and I DONT LIVE THERE!

  • Lolly 716

    I was in that FB line a couple afternoons ago, hot as hell, waiting to get down the one stairway nee escalator. The one element of dopeness I could find is the fantastic ability of Americans to respect the queue. How many other places in the world would form an orderly, self-imposed, and largely obeyed line when the heat index is 100+??? God bless us every one :)

    • elcal

      England? This line is probably the most extreme exception given the large international/world-traveled contingent who work down there. This country has no concept of queueing.

  • BigP

    Our metro my run poorly and even if it didn’t, you have a bitch of a time getting down to it, but at least it’s CLEAN, right? Not like SOME cities, right? That’s what’s important, right? RIGHT?


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