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  • RANT: I have to work tomorrow morning because my boss must have his hotel prepaid for his business trip to India; however, the cardholder is not him but a business partner and I have to wait to get the biz partner’s signature and card photocopy because the reservation is confirmed.

    RANT: It’s balls hot out.

    RAVE: Ultra Nate at U Street Music Hall tonight! Friends from out of town coming into town.

  • PG

    Rave: Won a PoP t-shirt! Also, quiet day at the office, hardly anyone here.

  • Meg

    Rant: Bus was late yesterday afternoon, so had to sit in the sweltering heat. When bus did arrive, it was crowded and after the mass of people got on at my stop, the bus driver would no longer pick up anyone else at any of the other stops (and this was towards the beginning of the line). Felt so bad for all those people watching the bus fly by. :(

    Rave: Available parking this morning in the garage across the street from work. Glad to have that option!

  • Elza

    Rave: I am getting on a plane this afternoon and escaping the heat! Bwahaha.

    Rant: My office is really loud today. Stop yelling, please…

    • Emmaleigh504

      My office is loud too. No need to yell down the hall to people, walk down there and talk to them.

  • Kalorini

    Rant: It isn’t fair to post that kind of picture at 10 am. How am I suppose to have a healthy lunch now?

    Rave: Maybe I’ll get some fro-yo for “pre-happy hour dinner” :-)

    RAVE: TGIF. Longest week ever.

    • Anonymous

      This week actually felt really short to me– I swear we lost a day or two, or maybe they just melted together.

    • Sammy

      I had frozen yogurt for lunch yesterday… it was a great decision!

  • matt

    RANT: People whining about the heat. Get over it.
    RAVE: PERFECT beer drinking weather. Silver linings, folks!

  • 8th Street SE

    Rave: Just got my tickets for the Thievery Corporation show next month!!

  • WDC

    Rave: beach week starts tomorrow. Can’t wait to be somewhere where it’s SUPPOSED to be 100 degrees, and where the means of relief is just on the other side of that pristine white strip of sand…

    So long, suckers!

    • Anonymous

      Are you 16?

      • mv

        why would they be 16?

        • anon

          When we went to the beach when school summer started in high school, we called it “beach week” or “senior week.”

          • Anonymous

            16 year olds aren’t seniors

      • WDC

        Going to the beach gives me the kind of pleasure that small children enjoy, and that we all seem to forget around the time we read our first Ayn Rand novel. Ever seen a little kid with a new bottle of bubble stuff? Remember going down a hill on your bike without a helmet? Unalloyed, pointless joy. You couldn’t ruin it for me if you tried.

        • ReedCooke

          You were forced to read an Ayn Rand “novel”. Poor child.

          Enjoy the beach!

        • Idaho Ave

          Ayn Rand was a bigot and an idiot.

          On women “the essence of femininity is hero worship—the desire to look up to a man.”

          She considers Homosexuality “immoral” and “disgusting” — the same could be said about many of the heterosexuals out there…

          and then her view of conservatives is about all I can stand ”
          Precisely because of their pretense, the conservatives are morally lower than the liberals; they are farther removed from reality- and, therefore, they are more harmful in practice. Since they purport to be fighting “big government,” they are the main source of political confusion in the public mind; they give people the illusion of an electoral alternative without the fact. Thus the statist drift proceeds unchecked and unchalllenged.”

          but when I first read Ayn Rand I didnt forget anything I yearned for instead I began to dislike folks who try to make everything black and white or this way or that way.

        • GDopplerXT

          Anyone who actually made it through an entire Ayn Rand novel probably never knew joy to begin with.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Between the extreme heat and my allergies I feel miserable today.

    Rave: Farmer’s market tomorrow!

  • dreas

    Rave: Comcast showed up within the first 15 minutes of the given 3-hour window AND fixed the phone issue within an hour. I know, I’m as shocked as you are.

    Rant: summer colds. I’m really tired of coughing and blowing my nose.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you are lucky. It took them four visits to set up my phone, not including the visit they cancelled 3 hours after they were supposed to arrive because they ran out of equipment. The whole process took so long that someone at Comcast cancelled my phone request and I lost my phone number. Also during one of the visits they disconnected my cable/internet and either didn’t notice or forgot to reconnect it. I was going crazy thinking it was a problem with my router.

      • dreas

        I know. I probably shouldn’t say this out loud, but I’ve never really had awful experiences with Comcast, either with the technicians (aside from the one time I called because I couldn’t program their remote to work my DVD player and hung up on the guy for telling me exactly what was in their online instructions and ultimately decided that it was worth the $35 to buy a new DVD player in order to get remote control of it) or with the actual cable/phone/internet service. I keep waiting for a disaster, but am usually pleasantly surprised.

        I’ll go away now. Sorry about the mess they caused you and I’ll wish some of my Comcast luck in your direction!

        • Anonymous

          Thanks! Prior to this I’ve had no problem with them either. The service has been good, I’ve never had a billing discrepancy, and the customer service agents are always nice. I can’t say the same about Verizon Fios or Direct TV!

  • BCinDC

    Rave: the painters are almost finished inside the house, yay :-)
    Rant: now have to put all that stuff back that we moved out so the painters could get in to paint :-(
    Rave: but we’ll have a nice clean painted house :-)
    Rant: i’m melting…

  • mv

    Rave: biked to Zumba last night, danced for an hour, then biked back home
    Rant-ish: it was hot! But I survived and sweated out extra toxins :D

    Rave: got 5 tickets to the US v Mexico soccer game at the Linc on August 10!
    Rave: music festival all weekend!
    Rave: condo that is in the process of being built is being painted right now! It’s weird seeing your selections come to life.

  • TaylorStreetMan

    Rant: Yes, it’s hot. We all know it’s hot. Pointing it out endlessly doesn’t make it any cooler. Suck it up and deal, because it’s gonna be around a while. Just when I manage to put it out of mind, somebody whines about it again.

    Rave: Nice weekend coming up.

    • Anonymous

      I’m actually liking the heat. But I work indoors, have AC in my house, and don’t run or play outdoor sports.

      • TaylorStreetMan

        Yeah, I’m weird because I actually like the heat and I don’t mind sitting outside and sweating with a cool drink in hand. It’s usually too cold for me inside office buildings and such.

        I’m just mostly sick of hearing about it from everybody.

        • Anonymous

          Same here. I’m probably even weirder because I also love cold wintry weather, and snow, and rain. The only weather I don’t really care for is wind.

          • GDopplerXT

            + one billion. I like hot, cold, dry, or wet. But windy drives me nuts.

        • Elza

          Yeah, I weirdly find heat tolerable when I’m in places without air conditioning. Easier to turn on some fans, open the windows, wear something lightweight, and embrace it. It’s having to go from AC all day to the outside constantly that makes the heat gets to me.

      • Formerly of Capitol Hill

        I just wish my office was not so agressively air conditioned. Our building managment has declared that they will just put the system on full blast until the heat wave is over, and if we are cold we should bring a sweater. So much for their environmental focus and LEAD Certification. At least I have a warm soup to eat for lunch!! The girl in the cube next to me is wearing a snuggie!

        • Anonymous

          The girl in the cube across from mine used a space heater last summer. Being too much of a hippie environmentalist, I just wore sweaters.

    • WDC

      TSM, I like you, I really do. But the only thing more annoying than conversations and complaints about extreme weather is people who COMPLAIN about the conversations and complaints. You’re taking on a year-round job here… in the fall, it’ll be “yes, we all know the leaves are lovely. Can we stop talking about the lovely leaves?” And then there’s snow and cold, and then cherry blossoms and tourists. Who has the energy?

      And then of course, there are the people who complain about the complainers about the complaints. Whoa… meta…

      • TaylorStreetMan

        Whoa! I got dizzy and fell on the floor! :-)
        Yes, you are correct. I’ll try to keep a lid on it.

        • ReedCooke

          Please don’t.

  • anon

    Rant: can’t read the comments on dcist.

    Rave: can’t read the comments on dcist.

    • Me Either

      I have issues with their comments thing too, and I’ve NEVER been sucessful in registering so I can’t post any. It killed me when The Hill is Home adopted the same buggy commenting system.

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: bought Mets v. Nats tix for Mr. Squid’s birthday. Splurged and got some nice seats. Here’s hoping for a fly ball to our section!

    Rant: didn’t get to see him on his actual birthday

    I don’t mind the heat I just hope it cools off a little by next weekend or I’ll have to drink water instead of beer at the game.

    • GDopplerXT

      Just drink both and you’ll be fine.

  • noodles

    RAVE: The end of a very long and taxing week.
    RANT: I feel sorry for men on days like today. While I have multiple options with skirts, sundresses and light blouses to keep me cool and still looking professional, I’ve seen a number of men running around in suits and ties today. Men just seem to have fewer options when it comes to office-wear and what is considered professional attire. I move to declare a moratorium on all blazers, ties and business suits if the temperature goes over 90 degrees.

  • noodles

    EXTRA RANT: Who in the hell would plant bombs in Norway?

    • greent

      Those dastardly Finns!

      Seriously – got friends in Oslo, so this was freaky.

  • Be Jealous

    Rave: Off at 3 today

    Rant: The A/C may or may not be working in my building when I get home

    Follow up Rave: There is a pool on the roof

  • cookietime420

    Rant – hot
    Rant – this is the new normal in a changed climate. June was the 316th month in row where global temperatures were above the 20th Century average. It was also the 121st month with less Arctic sea ice. July ain’t gonna buck that trend.

    • Anonymous

      The only thing scarier and more remarkable is that people still deny global warming exists.

      • say what

        What is global warming again??

  • K

    RAVE: Gonna close on my first house in less than a month!

    RANT: Gonna move across town in the middle of August!

  • ET

    RANT: I am nothing to rave about ’cause I can’t think of anything except that it is to freakin’ hot outside.


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