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“Dear PoPville,

Tonight [Tuesday] at about midnight my gf and I were riding south on 11th btw Clifton and Florida. I heard the sound of pellet guns being fired from the 2300 block of 11th St NW and got shot in the left leg by a pellet. It didn’t hurt much and left a small welt but obviously could have resulted in a crash, eye injury, etc. My gf was unscathed fortunately. At the same time we were going south, another cyclist was going north. I heard pellets get fired at him too. We were going down the hill fast and I didn’t want to confront kids with guns so we kept on riding back to our house a few blocks south. I don’t know if this has been a problem for multiple people, or if this is a unique event, but it was whack.

I did not call the police. Didn’t feel that calling 911 was appropriate. I guess w kids, and as someone who has shot my fair share of pellet guns at various things, a non-confrontational response is best.

I’m not sure what the best response so I thought I’d reach out to the PoP community…”

Personally, I believe the appropriate response is to call 911 immediately (once you feel safe.) As you noted, especially on this steep hill, a cyclist could get seriously hurt. I’d have to mark this up to more than just kids being kids.

Anyone else experience/notice this?

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