• JFaye

    The Brisket is AWESOME. It is so tender and melts in your mouth. We have been going here for years and can’t say enough good things about Wagshals. The Butcher (which is also called Wagshals Market) is just a few store fronts over. Pam is the head butcher and she is WONDERFUL! The meat is so fresh and anything you need, they can do for you there.

    • Anonymous

      Is it the same Pam that used to be at the Brookville Market in Cleveland Park?

      • JFaye

        Yup! Pam runs the place!

  • Holmead

    You get around, don’t you POP? I live in Columbia Heights but frequently find myself over at Wagshals because it is close to turtle park (go there with the kid). The deli is great but expensive and 3 doors down they have a market with possibly the best sandwiches in DC.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Hahaha, I walked 18 miles that day. Stumbling into this deli was like a mirage for me.

      • Holmead

        Another half mile and you would have been in Bethesda.

    • Anonymous

      Heart! I grew up going to turtle park and rare roast beast on french at Waghals 🙂

  • Idaho Ave

    I won’t buy sandwiches/deli foods anywhere else in DC but at Wagshal’s. Far and above any other deli in town. Absolutely delicious. They also serve full Kosher and Halaal meals at holiday times.

  • TR

    Wagshals is my happy place in this city. It was where my best friend took me for lunch on my first day in DC seven years ago and it has not been topped since then. Awesome sandwiches. Awesome cupcakes. Just an awesome, awesome place full of very nice people.

  • notolp

    Stop talking about this place…it’s my secret deli. Nobody needs to go there! I want to keep the wait to a minimum!

    • a

      I’m sure the owners appreciate your enthusiasm for bringing them new customers.

    • TR


      • TR

        to clarify, +1 to stop talking about my secret place 🙂

  • Max

    How are the crab cakes?

  • Excellent brisket, great shop, nice people.

  • BEST SANDWICHES IN THE CITY. handsdown. I’ve been going there since 2000 and still make special trips even though I live in Columbia Heights.

  • Truxton_Dude

    in a word….AMAZING. yes, its kinda pricey, but the soups, salads and sandwiches are EXCELLENT. so good. its a hike from G’Town, but i might have to head up there today!

  • TMD

    Ask for the ‘super dizzle;’ they’ll know what you’re talking about. It is huge and it will blow your mind.

  • andy

    Don’t forget the grocery. Come holiday time the place has lines of people coming in for high grade cuts of meat. Mine from last year: boston butt.

  • Anonymous

    Pam the Butcher, what a hoot, she is like something out of a movie. A walking dictionary on the entire DC restaurant scene. Love her!

  • Catster Langston

    Sally Spring Valley!

  • Eleeza

    AMAZING brisket, delicious olives and everything else and the meats at the meat market are all excellent. We get a Zipcar once a month solely to get to Wagshall’s (and pick up cheap produce at Magruder’s in Chevy Chase.)

  • mv

    oh my gosh Wagshal’s is hands down what I miss the absolute most about DC… I used to stop there for coffee and the breakfast / fruit bar everyday! I would often pick up my lunch sandwich, and Noeh got to know me very well. I miss them all! I’ve also picked up many a random item from their bakery selection by the front counter, always delicious (the petit fours are awesome), and I love the beer/wine selection!!! All in all, seriously the best place EVER!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know.. the clocks are so melty.

    Ohh, Deli’s, not Dali’s.

  • marcj

    Wagshal’s is the real deal. He supposedly modeled his brisket sandwich after the smoked meat sandwiches of Montreal. But I must say–I’ve been to Schwartz’s and had the medium-fat smoked meat, and as delicious as that is, Wagshal’s might be better. I just wish I lived closer, although I’m sure my doctor is glad that I don’t.

  • X

    You have to ask for a rewards card – every purchase adds money to the card, then at the end of the year – you cash it in for fantastic holiday treats! And Pam rocks my world – best butcher ever.


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