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Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Pleasant

by Prince Of Petworth May 9, 2011 at 3:00 pm 15 Comments

This rental is located at 1707 Kilbourne Place NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Furnished 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in the heart of Mount Pleasant. The apartment occupies the entire first floor of an historic end-unit Victorian house on a beautiful tree-lined block. The unit has hardwood floors, architectural fireplace and 10’ ceilings. Full photos with detailed notes can be found here.

The apartment is available June 1. Short term lease is available. Price will vary with lease term. $2500 per month for 6-12 months, $2600 per month for 3-6 months and $2700 per month for 1-3 months. Heat and water are included.”

Sounds like this could be a good roomate option – assuming it is indeed a 2 bedroom – $2500 sound right?

  • mmm

    looks a little small to me for $2500, but it’s hard to tell. It is, however, one of my favorite blocks in DC.

  • Anonymous

    How can it be a one or two bedroom? Okay deal for 2 bedroom, way too much for a one bedroom (or 1 bedroom plus den)

  • CE

    I looked at the Flickr stream and it seems (though hard to tell) that this is one true bedroom plus a living room with Murphy bed (pictured above), which apparently counts as the second bedroom.

    This would be sort of decently priced for a true two-bedroom but is way, way too much for what it really is.

    • Cliftonite93

      This reminds me of Mitch Hedberg (as most things do).
      Are they going to put a cot in the loo and call it a one or two bedroom?
      False advertisement.

  • Anonymous

    Furnished 1-bedroom with large extra room, I’d say closer to $2000.

  • Saintzilla

    Haha, yeah, this is a one-bedroom with a make-shift second bedroom that is actually just a living room. Well-written by the poster, but no one-bedroom apartment is worth $2500-$2700, even though I love that area of Mt. Pleasant. I’d say a max of $1800.

    • Anonymous

      There are plenty of people paying 3,000 + for unfurnished 1 bedrooms in DC.

      • Elle

        Those people are dumb.

        • Rick


      • CE

        Really? Why?

  • Jane

    I think it’s not quite that ridiculous as a 2 bedroom, since the middle room looks big enough to be a living dining combo.

    But it still seems a little high, although I’d love to see someone find me a reasonably priced 2 bedroom in MtP.

  • LCM

    2 Bedroom if your roommate wants to live one a murphy bed in the living room! Haha. Who knows how much someone will pay for a nice one bedroom in a nice area, with a nice bed for GUESTS… but please don’t try to call this a 2 bedroom.

  • A

    I did a search on Craigslist and found several 2BR apartments in Mt Pleasant listed for $2200-2700 that appear to have 2 actual bedrooms, like with WALLS. Agree with others that this is a 1BR with a pull-out couch in the living room.

  • grumpy

    Yes, if the house is the same width as others on the same block, there is a front room, a middle room, and bedroom in the back. I don’t know what kind of market there is for short-term rentals, but my guess is that they’re looking to cash in on someone who is only in DC for the summer. I don’t think this could fetch $2500 for a one year lease, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were someone desperate enough (and with enough $$) to take it for that much for the summer. I think for a year lease, it would max out at $2000/month.

  • Anonymous

    Hello, it’s FURNISHED with short term lease available. We couldn’t find a nice 2 BR for under 2700 in that part of NW that wasn’t in a scary building. Would be great for a grad student with a traveling housemate.


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