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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth May 16, 2011 at 12:00 pm 25 Comments

Photo of ‘Carlos Cavazo was Quiet Riot’s guitar player… and now plays with the super group Big Noise’ by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

  • Austin DC

    Something good happened to me! My wife and I built our own rain barrel with stuff from True Value on 17th, and it works like a charm (plus we didn’t have to wait for Riversmart Homes to come do it). It was a fun project!

  • MK

    Rave: Back from Florida and had perfect weather all 7 days. Ate tons of fresh catch and swam in the crystal clear ocean. Love it, love it, love it. Can’t wait to hit OC.

  • Caroline

    Rave: Neko Case’s late night show on Friday ruled.
    Rant: Asia After Dark not so much.

    Rave: Got a fantastic free haircut.
    Rant: Saw a fugly $780 efficiency at 14th and Florida. No wonder it’s so cheap. Rat poison boxes outside the building are a bad sign!

  • Said

    Rave: Rave, rave dance, and rave party are terms with first documented use on April 4, 1970[1] to describe rave dances, and later in 1988 and beyond for Acid house parties with fast-paced electronic music and light shows.[2][3] At these parties people dance to dance music played by DJs and occasionally live performers.

    Rant/WTF: Public officials on the verge of a successful Presidential candidacy who fall from grace due to their violent libidos.

    • what? No mention of hot chicks with pacifiers, hug-mobs, or PLUR? .. dang this wikipedia…

    • DCster

      +1 to both your Rave and Rant/WTF!

    • Mya

      +100000000,Double RANT: powerfull people who think they can do whatever they want!!!

  • the totten.

    Rant: Rock Creek Church Cemetery has announced it is banning ALL dog walking.

    WHY??!!! PoP, maybe you can reach out to them to find out?

    • Tim


    • yo yo yo!

      Rave: Rock Creek Church Cemetery is banning all dog walking.

      Rant: People who let their dogs off leash, let their dogs jump on strangers, don’t clean up their dog’s poo, and then complain about how everyone complains about unleashed and obnoxious dogs.

      • the totten.

        Rave: My dog is not walked off leash and is always cleaned up after.

        Rant: people who ruin things for everyone (irresponsible dog walkers AND angry comment trolls)

      • Anonymous

        We hate those 7 people too.

    • yes!

      I was at a DC park this weekend, and I saw a dad walking with his toddler and some woman’s dog came running up to the kid (this was a 60-70 pound dog), and jumped on the toddler.

      Not surprisingly, the dad grabbed the dog, threw it off, and kicked it in the face, to which the dog’s owner flipped out and started yelling. In my mind, he did nothing wrong, and she should feel lucky her dog didn’t get killed.

      Dog owners in DC are 90% clueless, more so than parents.

      Your dog is NOT cute, I don’t care if your dog is friendly, and it is NOT okay if your dog pees all over my flowers.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: my luck in finding my husband.
    Rant: I need a new job and I have only seen one worth applying for over the past 6 months.

    • caballero

      Network, network, network! Seriously. Applying for a job is an utter crap shoot, but networking your way into a job, at least, gives you a fighting chance.

  • intangible arts

    Finally got to hug the goose at WFMU this weekend, so it’s all good now. Bring that apocalypse, Jeezy-weez. Let it come down.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Person who sits near me at work talks almost exclusively in cliches and catch phrases.

    Rave: I have an office door that I can close 3/4ths of the way.

    Rant: I’m not a fed, so I’m not allowed to close my office door all the way.

    Rave: Employed in my field.

    • chatty cliche office mate

      Rant: Emmaleigh504 won’t talk to me at work!

      Rave: I know she leaves her door unlocked at home!

  • Bear

    Rant: Food poisoning. That is all.

  • LisaT

    Building management just sent out this notice:

    “The main plumbing line in the building that all plumbing lines feed into is malfunctioning and backing up in the garage. Emergency repairs will be performed as soon as possible today. For the time being, please refrain from using sinks, toilets urinals etc. as much as possible.”

    Oh how we laughed.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: My wife’s bosses, giving her a hard time because she missed a few hours of work juggling schedules with me to deal with our kids who had a freakin’ fever!

    Rave: My bosses who bend over backwards to make sure I know they support the notion that family comes first.

    • yo yo yo

      I hear you on that one. As if most work cannot be made up by telecommuting at night or on the weekend. Most employers’ attitudes towards all of their employees, including those with kids, is crap in the US. Even more so in DC, where 95% of the people seem completely non-essential to me.

  • Da Don Diva

    Rant: Boyfriend broke up with me on Friday.

    Rant: Spent most of the weekend crying my eyes out

    Rant: I quit life.

    • Mya

      He is nor worth it!

  • Back on the Hill

    Rave: Husband and I closed on our house and moved in on Friday! SO GLAD to be back on the Hill, close to Mr. and Mrs. Giant Squid and others!

    Rant: Jealous that Emmaleigh has at least 3/4 of an office door. I am in cubicle-land with the interns even though I’m “senior staff” — office ran out of legit offices with doors, so here I am.

    Rave: The interns are quite entertaining.


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