• crin

    Neo-Ugly Revival

  • gonzo


  • EPF

    Early cat poo, or is it cat poo revival?

  • 4:15

    I think it would look good if they re-painted the trim a different color

  • Laura

    Former Bank?

  • cap hill

    I walk my dog by this house all the time. It is the only house on this side of the block that is not a duplex. The house beside it is very run down and the Apt. building on the block is a huge EYE SORE. Although it is a little werid the this house is probably the best on the block.

  • CaptApollo

    With dark trim, this would look fine. Something subdued in a dark slate or muted hunter green.

  • andy

    I believe it is called “the standing comb.”

  • anon

    lack of.

  • kdogdc


  • caps girl

    Oh I see they changed a 2 door duplex into a single family. Instead of bricking in the extra doors and windows they added the panels. It looks better than the brinked door.

  • TonyS


    just no

  • Anonymous

    it needs a better paint job.


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