Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user katiecampbell

I think this is an awesome day and there have been reports of huge participation today. Unfortunately a reader sends in a rough experience:

“Dear PoP,

This morning I had my first assault from a car. I was at the front of a line of traffic at the red light at the end of Rhode Island where it hits Connecticut. When the light turned green, I went straight onto M St with the rest of the traffic in the middle of the right lane. A white van pulled up behind me, almost clipped my back tire, and laid on the horn. The van then pulled along side of me and tried to swerve into my lane. Then the van slowed up, continued honking, and a woman in the passenger seat threw a can of something at me and hit me in my leg. The van then swerved around me, tried to cut me off again, and then turned up 20th street. I saw a cop on the next block and reported the incident with the license plates. The officer wrote it up as assault. Just thought you might want to remind PoPville to always be wary of cars on the road.”

I think it’s great the officer wrote it up as an assault but I hope everyone else who rode to work today had a more pleasant experience.

Anyone ride in with a caravan or check out a pit stop? I’d love to hear about some good experiences as well.


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