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Dear PoPville – Best flower nurseries?

by Prince Of Petworth May 6, 2011 at 2:30 pm 26 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user philliefan99

“Dear PoP,

I am looking to start a garden with a range of flowers that I can’t typically find on 14th st or Home Depot. I am thinking honeysuckles, poppies, peonies, gloriosa lilies, ranunculus. Can your readers recommend a nursery in the greater DC area that may have a good selection?”

  • Anony

    Homestead Gardens. It is pretty far (Davidsonville MD?), but they sell top quality products and are very knowledgeable.

  • Engrish

    Behnkes in Beltsville, MD (OTB – outside the beltway)

    knowledgeable and great selection


    • saf


  • MichelleRD

    Johnson’s at Wisconsin and Van Ness


    • erin

      +100! Johnson’s is super convenient, and the staff are knowledgeable and helpful!

    • JOlsen

      +1…love, love, love Johnsons!

  • Anonymous

    I really like Patuxent Nursery in Bowie.

  • MichelleRD

    Johnson’s Garden Center at Wisconsin and Van Ness

    (I put a link in my last post and it got caught in a filter)

  • pixelww

    Try Behnkes in Beltsville
    [just down the road from IKEA]

    Or Ginkgo Gardens near Eastern Market

    Both are great. I am partial to Behnkes because I can always make a pit stop at IKEA.

  • anon.gardener

    Behnke’s in Beltsville. A bit pricey, but a great selection. Look them up – they’ve got a website.

  • 13th St NW

    Merrifield Garden Center. The Merrifield Location is closest. Amazing selection. Acres of plants and trees. I rarely leave the city, but this is worth the drive out.

    • GreenRoofGoddess

      They have great customer service. I.e., if you are looking for something specific (like a certain tree of a specific size) you can call and they will check inventory before you drive out.

    • ah

      Agree. If location is only a limited issue, this is the best and the prices are reasonable.

      Next best is Behnkes, although their prices seem to be high (at least the Potomac store).

      Johnson’s is okay. Wisconsin/Van Ness is small and has limited selection (although better for small plants). Prices suited to an in-city location.

      American Plant Food I’ve found to be a mixed bag.

      And, yeah, Home Depot really isn’t worth shopping at for flowers. If you’re there anyway they have some stuff, but pretty poor selection.

      BTW, this weekend you can check out the flowermart at the National Cathedral.

  • OP

    thank you so much! i will check all of these out.

  • metoo

    I highly recommend American Plant. There are 2 on River Road in the Bethesda area (one right at River Road and the Beltway). Much more selection than Johnson’s although Johnson’s is my go too when I don’t want to leave DC. After seeing this place you’ll never go to Home Depot again.

  • victoria

    I’m a 10+ year American Plant fan. They know everything – help you with everything – have a great selection and guarantee the plants. There also usually have a table of end-of-season plants marked half-price, which has been great for me to experiment with.

    Little Shop of Flowers in Adams Morgan also has a very small, but interesting selection. If I had a boggy place in good sun I’d definitely get one of their “cury wurlies”

  • andy

    It’s small but I’ve bought a couple of nice things from Old City Green.

  • PetworthRes

    In town, I highly recommend Ginkgo Gardens (911 11th St SE – Capitol Hill). It’s a smaller garden center but they pack in a lot of interesting plants and the onwer/manager/staff really know their stuff.

    Plus, they have store cats http://www.ginkgogardens.com/cats.html :)


    The 2 where serious gardeners go are mentioned above, Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville and Merrifield on Gallows Road (take 50 west, gallows road exit, right on gallows, down a mile on right). Merrifield is what the HGTV shows use. Both are pricey.

    I think Meadows Farms is the best value. It’s on 50 in Falls Church. 50 West past 7 Corners, you’ll ass 2 white buildings on your left, pass them, go under the overpass and you’ll see 2 blinking yellow lights. Get in your left lane and turn where you see the Shell (or maybe Texaco) on your left. They have a good selection and much cheaper than Merrifield.

    • Anonymous

      If you live in Petworth, the Meadow Farms in Burtonsville is closer.
      15930 Old Columbia Pike
      Burtonsville, MD 20866
      From 29 Take 198 Burtonsville Exit. Go onto New Columbia Pike. 1/4 to 1/2 mile away.



    you;ll ass 2 white buildings? not sure how that happened. You’ll see 2 white buildings lol

  • Cory

    Behnke’s is pretty good. I used to work at Patuxent and it is fantastic – great selection and good prices. It’s a wholesale place so you have to sign up to buy. Another one I like that hasn’t been mentioned is Greenstreet Gardens in Lothian.

  • zcf

    I second Homestead Gardens, though it is very expensive and a pain to get to from DC. I used to go all the time when I lived in Annapolis.

  • Anonymous

    Meadow Farms in Arlington is great, they have several locations so they have WAY better selection than Johnson’s. Big, healthy perennials and lots of annuals, veggies, etc. as well as stonescape materials. You can get coupons online from them.

  • Old City Green! Right in the neighborhood at 9th/N!

  • Stacey

    American Plant is the largest organic nursery in the mid-Atlantic region and they have great plants, a fantastic orchid selection, and wonderful soil amendments (including compost tea, I think on Saturdays, which I haven’t used but am intrigued by). They are pricey, but if you sign up for emai notices, you can find out when their big sales (like 30% off everything) are. Their staff are knowledgeable and eager to share their knowledge. I took a diseased tree leaf in and got good advice.

    For the widest variety, most in-depth info and some very unusual plants, I’ve shopped online at Lazy S’s Farm Nursery, which is in Charlottesville, VA. I had a very cool passiaflora from there, and several other plants as well — they arrived in great shape, more mature than what you get from some online nurseries, and have done well.


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